Flick the Switch

Do you ever wish your mind was as clear and filled with all sorts of ideas, when you Actually had time to write them down?! That is me almost all the time 🙂 I have all these great things I want to write about pop into my head, usually as I am driving, waiting to pick up children, or laying in bed about to fall asleep. I need an ‘App’ on my Droid that I can push a button and record everything in my head quickly, before I forget!

So, it is a calm Sunday morning in the Schwab house, we skipped church today even though we miss it dearly, we have been so crazy busy with school starting, sports, and my daughter’s being in a ton of parades and events, when we get a morning without having to rush, it is nice to just…sit! Granted, this is to be short-lived because my daughter has an event in a couple hours and then our other daughter is having a birthday party tonight! The good news about this daughter, (and if you know our family, you will instantly know which daughter this is when you read it!) she is social, super social and friends are her love language, NOT family. So, for her father and I, we don’t know if 7 children will show up for her party or 27 will. It is very typical that we are getting last minute phone calls from people we didn’t know were invited to say they are coming to her party 🙂

The hardest party of bday daughter’s party tonight won’t be how many children will show up, but how it will somehow devastate our daughter who had the summer pretty much revolve around her. We already ran into that problem yesterday when daughter #1 got to have a bday date with Grandma. She went to lunch, got a new winter coat, and a new robe and got her hair cut. Said daughter #2 cried and cried when daughter #1 came home with all the new stuff (even though D#2 had gotten a new robe from same Grandma just for the heck of it a couple months earlier!) saying how it isn’t fair that D#1 gets to get new things and gets her hair cut short, “I want short hair and mom won’t let me!” was a direct quote from her rant and rave yesterday…..ha, this coming from the girl who just told me a few weeks ago, she wants to grow her hair out like Tangled!

I think I just glimpsed into the future yesterday, D1 has straight, super fine, NON GROWING hair, D2 has curly hair, with mom’s widows peak and cowlick in the front. D1 got a cute bobish style cut with bangs yesterday, it looks adorable on her because she has NO cowlick, widow peak OR any sort of curl in her hair. Now D2 wants the same hair cut, UGH, would never work, she would end up looking like a poodle with a bad wash! And so begins the battle between the two oldest daughters, one who will want curly hair because hers is straight and the other will want straight because hers is curly….the ole, grass is greener deal. Add to that, those two always seem to be in some sort of competition for who is most left out, mis-treated, and unloved by their parents and siblings……oh drama!

Please tell me I am raising completely normal daughters?! Being raised an only child, I have no clue if this is really normal or not, but it seems normal to me….I do often find myself just staring sometimes at them when they tell me the reason they were crying, biting, scratching, and pulling hair. Often, there are no words for the utter sillyness of why they were fighting. But, as every mother has had to do, I put on my game face, act concerned, have them each give their side of the story and then try and mend to friendship again and tell them, ‘you can’t hate your sister, you have to love her, someday, you will be best friends again, I promise.’ and what do you know, usually less than 3 minutes later, they are best friends again and they can’t imagine not laughing and playing without each other.

Sigh, girls.

Every once in a while, I have to wonder if that is what guys think when they start in the dating world…..they must just look at us sometimes just blankly wondering, what just happened? Hahaha, I can actually remember a few boyfriends who would have that look toward me more than a few times! Maybe there really is a switch inside girls that flicks on or off and no one knows when it will happen.

To my daughter’s defense: They are usually very kind, very loving and soft hearted little girls. They are delights to be around, I think that is why when that switch flicks into either the off or on position, we all just stand back and stare!

Oh…that is SO NOT the blog I was intending to write today. I was going to write about our first couple weeks of school and blah, blah, blah….I am learning to so love and appreciate my ADD mind 🙂

Blessings to you all!

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