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A little about me:

My name is Desi, I have an amazing husband and together we have a fun little family. I will share the trials, tribulations, joys and funnies that come with being a blended family throughout this blog, I will tell you it’s and interesting ride. 

I am originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I moved to the United States about 10 years ago after marrying my husband who was born in Miami from Cuban Parents. We were married back home in the Dominican Republic in a beautiful rainforest ceremony. His family pretty much hates me because they wanted him to marry a “nice Cuban woman.” lol.

We now live in Orlando, Florida. I currently work for an early intervention agency that provides services to families who have children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities. I absolutely love what do (besides the paperwork!). I also teach Sunday school at our church and help with youth group on Wednesday nights where I get to share the love of Jesus with preschoolers, kindergarteners and high school girls. My husband would say that I’m somewhat obsessed with mission projects and should’ve been a philanthropist which may be true. He would also say that I can’t say “no” and I take on too much….. which is also probably true. I wouldn’t change a thing!

About the Blog:

You may be wondering why I’ve created a blog. Well your guess is as good as mine!! I am a Christian mom trying her best to raise Godly children in this chaotic world. My mind is filled with thoughts, ideas, worries, frustrations, joys…… you name it, it goes through my head. What better way to get it out than in a blog. Throughout this blog you will see stories and struggles from my everyday life. You will also see some of the mission projects that I embark on and my love for local and national missions, as well as some devotions tied to some of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy this blog as we take this journey of parenthood and faith together.

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