Cave-man vs Metro-sexual man

Good Morning All,

I don’t have much time to write again but, my husband showed me an article this morning that I knew I had to write about.

It was an article saying that research is starting to show that women being on the pill for over almost 50 years now is changing how women look at men. What? Yes, it seems that our covering up our natural instincts during menstruation is causing us to choose more feminine men over more rugged men.

All I have to say is, once again, something my husband had firmly believed and said for years is right. My husband has always told me not to be on the pill and praise God I have listened to him! Otherwise, I might not still be choosing that big lug after all these years. I do agree with him that you can’t mess with nature because for one, nature will always win and two, you mess with nature too much and there will be dire consequences.

I also have to laugh because as I look back at the boyfriends I had while on the pill, hahahahahaha, most were WAY more feminine than my hubby. But, it is true and we have known this for years that women’s scent changes when they are fertile and men are attracted to that scent. So all of you single ladies that can’t seem to find a ‘good’ man and all you keep finding are the ‘nice’ guys that are more friend material…GET OFF YOUR PILLS! Frankly, you should be using condoms anyway if you are sleeping around with more than one man.

I will say, I think my husband and his wild caveman genes won out years ago when we were dating and he told me to get off the pill. I really needed to anyway because my body wasn’t doing well with them. But, he knew, in his archaic way that he needed to ‘smell’ me and he couldn’t ‘smell’ me if I was on the pill. So do I go as far as to say not being on the pill is what got us married? lol, no but, it might have helped? Who knows.

I wish I could write more but, I need to go wake my people up and get going with my day. OH I wish I could write more because I am not kidding, this is something that is talked about in our house between my hubby and I a lot! He even talks about it a lot with his guys and it is crazy that there was an article about this on the Drudge Report today!!!!

Here is the link, read what started today’s blog for yourselves….

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