Girl Time

Good Morning Everyone!

Ok, enough with the political blogs! Too serious for me plus, frankly really boring. I have no clue where today’s blog is heading or what it will be about but, I am sure I will find something to write about, otherwise, I will just sit here and type stuff to you all.

So, I am getting ready for my first time away from my family. I am really excited to have a girls weekend up at the cabin! Sad to say but, I have only been on ONE other girls weekend anything and that was when I was dating Steve!!! So, this is only my 2nd girls weekend in my life and my first time ever leaving my husband or children behind.

I have discovered that in my years of being thrifty and/or broke, I have always put off travel and ‘girl’ time for work, family, and when in my 20’s, boyfriends. So dumb! Here I am 37 years old and I am just starting my weekends away with girlfriends. Well, I guess the old saying fits here, better late than never.

One of my girl friends seems to travel a lot with her various girl friends, she even has a group of girl friends from high school that she sees every year! Yes, every year they travel somewhere and meet up as a group and just hang out and do whatever girls do on weekends. Is it really bad that I really don’t know? My husband keeps being gross and asking if we are going to have pillow fights in our underwear and various other gross statements. Love you babe 🙂

I guess I always in-visioned girls weekends as spa trips, going to a spa and being pampered and just eating, drinking, and going out on the town with soft skin, new make-up and your hair and nails professionally done. I think that is what the ‘rich’ ladies do, lol. Someday I plan on doing a trip like that but, for now, that truly isn’t really me. Granted, I would have a lot of fun but, not willing to fork over that much money for a weekend away from the family.

This coming weekend is perfect for my first time away. It is up at the family cabin(free), only a 2 hour drive(close), and NOT on a plane (praise the LORD). Plus, I am going with my close knit group of friends that I tend to do a lot with and so, it won’t be awkward, or weird. We will all be able to relax, hopefully giggle a lot, and just truly enjoy each other’s company and the weather looks perfect too!

Oh, where was I? Sorry, forgot tonight was slow cooker night due to all of our family activities tonight so, I had to quick get up and peel the carrots and defrost the chicken! My hands are orange from peeling all the carrots.

Back to the girls weekend! I really am in shock of how fast the 10 years have gone since my first and last girls weekend and truly, I am the person that always says, “I can do that later, or tomorrow.” I put off things and before you know it, I haven’t done anything and 10+ years have gone by. Yes, I know I was very busy having babies and my husband didn’t have a job for a while but, still, I really did put off getting away from the children.

Honestly, it is because there isn’t anyone to watch our children and I really wanted my first time (away) to be with my husband. But, neither one of our parents is willing to take all of our children and our friends all have children the same ages so, they are doing the same things we are! I now feel like our lives are finally going at a pace where we can get away, or at least I can. The older ones can actually help out a bit around the house and with the baby, whether they will or not is a whole other issue. We also have a nanny in our lives that we have known since before Libby was born so, she knows our children and our family and we trust her completely to be able to be with our children for a weekend.

I hope this weekend is just the beginning of time away not only for me but, for Steve and I. We have never taken a honeymoon and have only been on 2 trips together without children(both of which were when we were dating). So, it is our time to start concentrating more on us instead of just the children. I think it is very important for the children to see us focused on our marriage which frankly, we haven’t been lately.

Oh bummer, I need to cut this short, the baby is about to wake up, I need to change laundry, clean the house, and still need to try and get in a shower today!

I will try and write another blog before I leave for the weekend but, if I don’t, look for an update on my first time away on Monday!

Blessings to you all and pray for my family and I!

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