Love yourself, love your family

Good Morning everyone!

The sun is finally shining again, it is still cool but, not cold like yesterday! Summer might try and come to Minnesota after all.

I decided something after writing my ‘golden years’ blog….I LOVE and adore my family. Really, they are so gosh darn neat and I have 4 terrific little people that I get the opportunity to raise, teach, watch them learn, watch them grow and just plain love on!

Looking back on my life, there is not ONE thing I regret. I can’t, if I might have not done one of those things in my past, I might not be here with my husband and my 4 peeps. I certainly have no regrets with any break-ups or either any regrets of some of the complete losers I dated. Whether I like it or not, it is all apart of who I am now and I really like me now.

Oh yes, I have struggles with my weight, my workouts, my food intake, I struggle with the number of wrinkles that seem to be multiplying on my face each year, I have issues with my lack of housekeeping skills, so what. I still like me…just because I may not like those things, doesn’t mean I don’t like me.

I happen to think I am a pretty ok person, wrinkles, a little extra around the middle and all. I like that I don’t take life too seriously, I like that I am a bit irresponsible sometimes, I like that I know how to laugh and I really enjoy laughing. I like that I have very good people surrounding me and my family. I really like being a mom! I am still learning how to be a wife but, I like being a wife and I love having a good, solid, stand up man as my husband.

My husband, I adore him. I married the perfect person for me. No one else could handle me and no one else would want me but, for some reason, he thinks I am pretty OK and that is fine with me. Plus, even with my big ole belly and sagging butt, he still thinks I am super sexy and let’s me know that almost daily by grabbing my butt or boobs. LOL.

This past weekend at the cabin Steve said or did something at the dinner table that his mom didn’t approve of, I giggled. I can’t remember what it was but, she said to him, “You know Steve, sometimes you are very inappropriate.” I tried SO hard not to keep giggling. It is always sort of funny to see your grown husband get in a little bit of trouble from his mom. She tried to reason with him letting him know that there are 4 people that he is responsible for and he needs to watch how he acts around them. (giggle)

He defended himself, she asked me if I thought he was inappropriate sometimes, I said, “yes but, I kind of like it.” I love that about my husband! He doesn’t change who he is for anyone. He stands by his convictions, and his farts! He giggles like a little boy sometimes when he does stuff to people and I love that about him.

I love that he can make people that don’t know him well squirm in their seats yet, at the same time, make them feel very comfortable. It is hard to explain but, for those of who know him, he is pretty great. There are a few people that he just rubs the wrong way, a lot, like my mother…hahahaha. Boy o boy, she just can’t get him to be afraid of her or listen to her to save her life. He is the first man she can’t control and it drives her NUTS! Again, I married the perfect man for me. I will say though, my mom I think secretly likes Steve but, he goes against so much of what she doesn’t like it is hard for her to admit it. But, she does laugh at his jokes sometimes and every once in a blue moon, she tells me something nice about him.

My life is pretty darn great. My people are kind, they are nice, they LOVE me and my husband and they love each other no matter what they might say in the middle of a scratching and biting session! Being a mother is a lot of work however, I welcome it and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. It is fun being a parent. Those little people are really fun to hang out with! Yes, they are needy and annoying sometimes but, who isn’t?!

I am excited for our summer together, I am excited to have a nanny to give me a helping hand and to also give me a break once in a while. I love watching my children interact with other adults, they think their sitters are so neat and fun and it is nice to have other people in their lives that they adore.

I love the excitement of the children’s last few days of school, as hectic as they are. I love having my people home with no rules and no boundaries except to be children and have fun!

My husband and I tell our children often that it is their JOB to be children right now. They don’t need to work(well, except for occasional chores) they don’t need to worry about the future, money, or the world. They just need to have fun, play, ride bikes, and just be children.

Summer is that ‘free time’. Yes, they have camps, Bible school, park programs, tennis lessons, soccer, etc but, they are all fun and the children love doing those things! Plus, you have 13 weeks of summer you need something scheduled. My children tend to get pretty bored by July 1st if we don’t have SOME scheduled activities for them. Plus, mommy can only schedule and keep track of so many play dates.

There is something exciting about summer. I can’t explain it but, it is great. I am excited for my children, I am excited for my husband, I am excited for myself. I love my life, especially in the summer.

I can’t wait to sit outside daily with the children, slather on the sunscreen and just play.

Enjoy those babes and enjoy these moments as they all go so fast! Love your spouse and love your people however, most importantly, love yourself!

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