Podcast Episode 28: The Supernatural Power We Have Against Racism, Injustice & Disease

Podcast Episode 28: The Supernatural Power We Have Against Racism, Injustice and Disease by Desirae Ofori
It’s also reminded me that fighting injustice by spreading awareness, having hard conversations, protesting, petitions, voting, and self-education is important- but so is fighting it through prayer. 2020 has been proof that how I fight my battles as a prayer warrior in the spiritual world is more crucial than anything else I could do with my natural abilities, insight, and strength. To survive in 2020 you have to be strategic. And what better way to gain strategic insight and direction, than from the King of strategy – God.

My main word for 2020 was Obedience. I’ve been afraid to speak up and be obedient to share what God has been showing and speaking to me about everything. But not anymore. If I’m going to be immediately obedient to God, then I need to tap into the bold faith, that I have what it takes to share His message… In whatever way He wants me to share it. I also need to have the faith that whoever the message is for, they will receive it – and that is all that matters. After that… it’s above me.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking about prayer, the scriptures, the supernatural power that God has given us, the power of our mindset, and the words that come out of our mouth. I pray that you receive it with an open mind and heart to learn and gain a deeper understanding of what we’re up against.

I also pray that it encourages you during these crazy times and that you’ll find the power within to survive another day – emotionally, mentally, physically, and above all else spiritually.

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