Mommy’s flexible tunnel vision

Good Morning Everyone!

The sun is streaming into my home this morning and it truly brightens my day inside and out! Although, I can’t look in the direction of the sun stream because then I would see the dirty windows with little ‘paw’ prints all over them, the dust, dirt, leaves, and who knows what else all over my hardwoods. I would see the piles of stuff my children seem to leave all over the house. I would see the dog/cat fir all over my throw rugs(because they lounge/nap on them) and I would see who knows what else! So, I just sit at my computer and bask in the glow of the bright morning sunlight I can see out of the corner of my eye.

I have discovered how to survive my own downfalls as a housekeeper and my 4 children’s inability to be able to put things away, and my hubby’s, oh I love him….anyway, I just don’t look. Yep, I have developed the amazing ability to have tunnel vision when it comes to the mess in the house. However, the neat thing about my tunnel vision is, it is flexible! Yep, I can make it bend and move around mess piles! Truly must be a gift from God and I thank him every day for it 🙂

I think my ‘flexible’ tunnel vision is one of those coping mechanisms us moms come up with to stop ourselves from doing unspeakable things to our loved ones or ourselves. Because on those days my tunnel vision isn’t working, OH MY, do I have to restrain myself! On those days, I find myself fuming, steaming, I actually believe you can see the steam coming from my ears on those days! I rant, I rave, I fume, I often scream, yell, flail around like a fish out of water because I don’t even know where to begin and all I know is I am the ONLY one who ever does ANYTHING and if someone doesn’t remedy the situation immediately, I am leaving home!
OK…so really I obviously am not going to leave home! But, I think you all are getting the gist of the feelings that are rocking my brain when my tunnel vision is on the fritz.

So today, I am going to use my tunnel vision to the nth degree and enjoy this beautiful sunshiny summer spring day! Yep, for those of you who live in the frozen tundra we call Minnesota, you all know this tunnel vision and you also probably know the sunshine/gleaming through the dirt deal too! Our homes somehow get so icky and stale over the winter yet, all it seems to take is a few days of the glorious open windows and sunshine to bring in not only fresh air but, fresh dirt too! 🙂

Yes, the children are finally able to be outside from dawn to dusk but, they also are bringing in new piles of ’stuff’, new dirt, newly discovered toys that sat out all winter long (because they never put them away last fall!) and oh their joy and my pain when they bring them into the house to play with…ewwwwww. But, today my tunnel vision is working and so today, I am happy, joyful and deliriously happy! I have already folded 2 HUGE laundry baskets of clothes and put over 1/2 of them away. I have, believe it or not, already cleaned up all the children’s dirty underwear and pj’s from the bathroom floor and hung up all of their towels for them. Joyfully.

I am happy today, life is good and I think a lot of it has to do with the sunshine, the fact it is Monday(and 3 of my babes are at school today) and that I get to watch one of my friends boys today…oh and maybe that I get to take my Ritalin again! I wish I knew how to type the BIG, teethy grin! Life is good, Ritalin has kicked in and now, I am heading off to drop my 3rd child at school for the day.

Blessings to you all and I hope you all find your inner tunnel vision today for whatever you need it for!

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