2012 Really?!

Good Morning people,

I couldn’t think of a better day/time/events to blog about than right now. So far 2012 has been an unbelievable year for us Schwab’s, although not sure if it is a ‘good’ unbelievable.

Since the new year, we have had barfing, cha-cha(figure it out…the real word is gross), and for the first time and please dear God, the last time…LICE! Blech, stay away from our house!!!! I would if I could, but unfortunately, I am mom and mom’s well, we are stuck with all the gross, ickyness that is called motherhood.

Not only have we had barfing, everyone BUT me and my 3rd children has had it. Yes, 4 out of 6 people have barfed in our house in 2012 and the barf sessions weren’ t at the same time and some people (my darling hubby) has had the barf sessions now, multiple times this year. Um…isn’t it only January 11th?!

I have already been blessed enough to ruin my eldest daughters sleepover (or life as she would put it) with her best friend who moved away a couple years ago, by calling her parents to pick their daughter up at 8am because my daughter had barfed. It wasn’t until they got here, that I realized, it was probably just the HUGE bag of cheesy popcorn she had eaten the night before, because that was a one time deal. But, since my hubby had to sleep at his mother’s house the night before because he was sick, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. However, might have been a good thing to be safe, because that night after her swim meet….she got “the cha-cha” and had that until Monday morning.

Right before this incedent though, the baby had blessed my hubby and I with barfing in our bed numerous times in her sleep and during the day. She also barfed on our tablet again! Oh yes…just 5 days after purchasing the new tablet, she had barfed on it and we had to return it. Nice. The tablet survived this round of baby barf, thankfully.

We thought we were finally making it through it all and I had been cleaning the bathrooms, washing sheets, and opening up windows, the good news was Minnesota was having a heat wave in January and it was in the high 30’s to low 50’s through out all of this, so we could open up and air out the house…then the lice hit and hit hard!

Lice, it truly is a 4-letter word (pun intended). We had made it through so many lice scares and all of my close friends can attest to me saying, if we ever got lice, I would either have to burn down the house or they would become our pets, there just wasn’t any other way. I really thought that, as I have said many times in many posts, I SUCK at housekeeping, really suck at it. Paralized by it and utterly incapable of keeping a house clean and tidy. I try, it just isn’t in my nature, end of story. So, for us to get lice, that is the ultimate nightmare situation because we have the worlds smallest capacity washer and dryer for a family of 6 and we already are the proud owners of the worlds largest laundry pile, so having to wash 5 beds, towels, hats, mittens, jackets, and anything else someone might have touched since getting lice….holy cow people!

Plus, after discovering that my little 8 year old has probably had lice for at least 3-4 weeks by the amount of nits and the 5 live lice I actually found (not to mention the ones I haven’t found yet) and all the red marks and sores/scabs on her poor little head from them biting her, holy cow…we must have an infestation!

After seriously contiplating setting the house and all of the crap inside on fire and then letting calmer voices inside my head prevail, it was time to spend almost $250 on lice products at the hair place and getting that ‘electric’ nit comb all my friends have raved about over the years when their people got lice. My hubby ran to homdepo (wrote it how we say it in our house) to get a dumpster and garbage bags, I came home and started treating my 2 younger children. Delightful is the only word I can use to describe this process.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad, we used the natural Ladibugs line of lice stuff and my girlies sat through it all very well and even though it took almost 2 hours to complete both of them, they were champs throughout the whole thing and mommy didn’t gag once! When my older children came home from school I checked them over too. I think I found a nit in my son’s hair, but only one…so not sure, but treated him anyway and my other daughter, NOTHING! How is that?! Unbelievable, she seriously is one of the luckiest people in the world, just like her father. I checked my hubby too and while I have no idea if he had lice or nits in his hair or not, (his hair is too dark, impossible to see) I told him he had lice anyway and treated him 🙂 Hey, for all I know…he was the one who got it in the first place, lol. Actually, I think I did find a couple nits, but again not sure.

It is funny though, making him go to the laundrymat with our bedding and his greasy/lubed up hair piled up in a messy little pile on top of his head! He is having fun with it too with his business partner, as they share an office and have close quarters, my husband has pretty much told him, he will get them and tell him that often and considering my husband started barfing again late last night (why?!) he was sure to tell his partner that too, so now his partner is freaking out and itching everywhere…yes, us Schwab’s are like 10 year olds 🙂

Good news, we are purging our home, we got a NEW Oreck vacuum cleaner out of the whole deal, which if any of you have seen our old vacuum and have heard our stories of why we don’t have carpet in most of our house anymore, you will all be probably more thankful than us we now have a good and powerful vacuum….now I just have to remember how to use the thing!

BTW, if I haven’ t put laundry away in a while and it has been sitting in laundry baskets or piles in various places around the house…do I have to rewash all of it? Because, there is still plenty of time for me to start the burning process!

We still have 2 1/2 weeks of January left, do you think we can make it to the end of January without anymore barfing, cha-cha, or lice? Haha, yea I don’t think so either, but it is a nice thought isn’t it?

Here’s to making your day/life sound so much better!

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