Affordable Trendy Clothing for Kids

Gone are the days of boring clothe options for little boys. Outfits are no longer confined to basic primary colors and designs of cartoon characters. I love all the new options available in-store and online, however, if you don’t know where to shop it could be difficult to find trendy pieces at an affordable price. When it comes to shopping for my little boys, the top three things I consider is Price, Quality, and Style. If it’s functional, stylish AND affordable for a Mommy like me on a budget, it’ll be in my cart!

I was approached by LavenderSun to select and review two baby onesies of my choice. I had never heard of them before, but when I checked out their site I was impressed! They had a great selection of trendy and stylish baby onesies, outfits, pajamas, swimsuits and shoes for boys and girls size Newborn to Toddler. I actually found it incredibly hard to choose just two baby onesies! And the price point? Half the price or more of what I’ve seen of other online boutiques. The bonus to me was that they offer FREE SHIPPING on all of their items!

So they met two out of three of my top three requirements. How about the quality? Was it too good to be true

Although Baby O is not here yet, I decided to order a little bigger than newborn, so that he could grow into them. I selected the Kid Life Onesie and the Denim Washed Onesie, both in size 3-6 months. They are made of 100% cotton, they feel durable and well constructed. I think the size runs a little closer to fit a six month old, but like I said before I wanted pieces Baby O could grow into. Kids grow so fast, it’s a pain to buy things that they can only fit in once. I want some longevity and know that I’ll be able to get quite a few wears out of these onesies without fear of them becoming easily worn out.

Kid Life and Denim Washed Onesie by LavenderSun
The two Onesies I chose. Kid Life Onesie and Denim Washed Onesie by LavenderSun
One thing to keep in mind, my package shipped from China and wasn’t clearly marked LavenderSun, but it didn’t take incredibly long to come in and the items were individually well packed within the main package.

So, final thoughts? I would highly recommend ordering from Lavender Sun. The price point is a winner, quality is on point, and the stylish options are endless! They get a 5 out of 5 in my book! Make sure to check them out for your little ones.

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