All Natural

Baby Chest Rub

Natural cough and congestion relief for your baby!

  • #1 Selling All Natural Chest Rub for Babies in the USA
  • Gently Relieves Cough and Chest Congestion
  • Petroleum and Menthol Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 3 Time National Award Winner
  • For Ages 3 Months and Older
  • Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients including Coconut Oil, Lavender, and Chamomile

Why Our All Natural Baby Chest Rub Works

Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub strengthens your child’s immune system while it helps calm your baby’s cough and relieve congestion. Made with essentials oils in dilutions appropriate for your baby. It offers soothing notes of Lavender and Chamomile to help relax your baby for a peaceful nights’ sleep. There are no worries about putting toxic substances on your baby since our chest rub contains only pure ingredients and is petroleum and menthol free. It’s a safe, all natural vapor rub for your baby.

Feel confident when you reach for our Baby Chest Rub! Learn why in our Good to Know article: Eucalyptus Oil In Maty’s Baby Chest Rub Is Safe. Expert Agrees.

For an extra soothing way to apply our baby chest rub, massage it into the bottom of your baby’s feet.

Lealah B

I believe this may be my first email I have ever written to a company expressing my love for a product. However, I felt like I just had to let you know what a great …

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  • National Parenting Publications Awards

  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award

  • Kiwi Award

How Do Our Ingredients Help?

At Maty’s, we select just the right combination of pure ingredients to create each one of our products. Every ingredient contains powerful healing properties to support your body and improve your health.

  • Sunflower Oil is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products

    Sunflower Oil

    A healthy carrier oil.

  • Castor Oil is an ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Vapor Rub and petroleum and menthol free Baby Chest Rub.

    Castor Oil

    A healthy oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Coconut Oil is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Baby Ointment.

    Coconut Oil

    A healthy oil that has antimicrobial properties.

  • Sunflower Wax is a natural ingredient.

    Sunflower Wax

    A vegan friendly wax that adds structure and texture.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Baby Chest Rub.


    Has a calming effect and is antibacterial.

  • Lavender Essential Oil is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Baby Chest Rub

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Has a soothing and calming effect. Is antimicrobial.

  • Dill Weed Essential Oil is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Baby Chest Rub

    Dill Weed Essential Oil

    Is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

  • Patchouli is a natural ingredient used in Maty's Healthy Products all natural Baby Chest Rub


    Has a calming effect and is antimicrobial.

  • Coriander Essential Oil is a natural ingredient.

    Coriander Essential Oil

    Is microbial and antiseptic.

  • Eucalyptus Oil is an ingredient in our all natural, petroleum free Baby Chest Rub

    Eucalyptus Radiata

    Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

  • Vitamin E is a natural ingredient used in Maty's all natural vapor rub, all natural baby ointment, and all natural baby chest rub.

    Vitamin E

    A known antioxidant.


Gently rub on chest or neck as often as needed to relieve congestion.

Safety Tips

For external use only. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Do not heat in a microwave or on a stove. Do not use in a vaporizer. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use directly on face. Test on a small area of skin if known allergies exist. Store at room temperature, 68° to 77°.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Many thanks to Professor Charles Friedman of Carolina Cosmetics for his assistance in helping us formulate our products. Professor Friedman has over 40 years experience in natural products development with such companies as Revlon, L’Oreal and Burt’s Bees.

Where To Buy

Need it now? You can find Baby Chest Rub at any of these retailers.

  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Maty's Healthy Products all natural sold at Kroger
  • Maty's Healthy Products all natural sold at Rite Aid
  • Maty's Healthy Products sold at Stop & Shop
  • Giant
  • Maty's Healthy Products is sold at Wegmans
  • Maty's Healthy Products all natural health remedies is sold at Ingles
  • ralphs
  • Kmart
  • dillons
  • Maty's Healthy Products all natural health remedies is sold at Fry's
  • Maty's Healthy Products all natural health remedies is sold at Harris Teeter
  • king-soopers
  • foodcity
  • Shop Rite
  • qfc
  • Maty's Healthy Products sold at Raley's
  • roundys
  • Maty's Healthy Products sold at Tops.
  • united-supermarkets
  • Maty's Healthy Products sold at Smith's Food & Drugstore
  • kinneydrugs
  • H-E-B
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Jamee A.

I picked this up yesterday after running out of regular Vick’s for infants because my kiddo is stuffy and coughing, keeping both him and myself up all night. Well nearly instantly after applying this to my baby’s chest and bottoms of his feet he immediately relaxed. His coughing has stopped completely and he napped for the first time in a week for over and hour without a single coughing fit! Dare I say this is a miracle product! Will recommend to all my mommy and daddy friends!

Morgan D.

As a mother, I’m very picky when it comes to any product I use on my baby especially when it comes to his health. I purchased the baby chest rub for my son the other day because he has been extremely congested and just not feeling well. Once applying it to the bottoms of his feet it didn’t take long to notice a difference in his breathing and overall mood. He had been fighting sleep and not resting when he finally gave in prior to using your product so I wanted to thank you so much for providing a product that gave my son so much relief, and using ingredients that this picky mom approves of! I made a post on my personal Facebook page recommending your product(s) to other moms out there. Thank you so much Matys, I will definitely continue to purchase and use your products in the future, and I’m sure my son thanks you too!

Teresa M.

I am currently sick with a cold and sinus infection so my head has been very stuffed up. I been slapping on vicks which been barely working. I have the matys baby vapor rub for my son and decided to give it a try. As soon as I put it on it instantly opened my nasal passages and I can finally breathe! Thank you Matys for making a great product. I will be sure to keep buying your products.


I’m SOOO happy I found Maty’s!! My daughter is allergic to corn and well it is in everything. She has allergies, conic ear infections, and an immune deficiency. Maty’s definitely helps with her allergies and ear aches by keeping her decongested. I hope they will one day come out with a pain/fever reliever and an allergy med. Thanks Maty’s you make my daughters life better by keeping your products clean and corn free!!

Mary H.

Baby Chest Rub by Maty’s…LIFE SAVER!!! Thank you for making this product, my family is so fortunate to have found Maty’s!!!!! (PS we are a major sensitive skin family)

Michelle F

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart my 6 month old has been in and out of the doctors office and hospital because she had a cold that turned into bronchitis. I went to the store and found your baby chest rub. It worked right away. You rock thank you.


I am so excited to try this stuff! I was hoping to use it on my daughter, but she is only 18 months old. I will have to stick to the nasty Vicki’s Baby Rub for another 6 months. Thanks.

Tamika harrison

I have been using the baby chest rub since my son was 3 months old. He’s now 7 months. Walmart was out of stock so I went to Walgreens and bought their brand. I can honestly say that Maty’s is the best!!!!

Nicole M.

I just wanted to say thank you for making the all natural baby chest rub. My 8 month old daughter has her first cold and this works fantastic! She has a stuffed up nose and wasn’t sleeping at all. I rubbed this on her chest and the bottoms of her feet and she is finally breathing easier and comfortable. And this momma couldn’t be happier than to see her wee one happy.

Kelly T.

We are both using your baby vapor rub on our normally extremely sensitive skin right now and again, no bad reaction, just the perfect help we need to get through our colds. This Mommy is very happy.

Nyeasia P.

So my nephew, who is 2, had a really horrible cough. My brother was giving him OTC cough medicine which didn’t do any good. So after a while, I rubbed some of Maty’s Healthy Products baby rub on his chest and neck. He started sounding better and he LOVED it! Score one for TT Easia and 0 for Dad! Love this stuff!!

Jennifer U.

New Fan!!! I picked up a jar of Maty’s all natural baby chest rub while shopping at our local Wegman’s. I have 3 small children ages 2,3 and 5. All have been suffering with chest congestion, cough and runny noses. In the past I have used vick’s baby chest rub and found it to be too harsh for their sensitive skin! Tried your baby chest rub and am very pleased to report it no only works but, helped my little ones feel better!! And it is made in the USA!! Love this new product and will be spreading the word! Thank You!!!

Diana R.

This is my first time trying your natural baby chest rub. It helped my son immensely last night with his RSV symptoms. He slept great!

Aubrey D.

I’m so thankful for your baby chest rub! My 8.5 month old is finally sleeping without coughing every 3 minutes! God Bless you!

Katy M.

I picked up your baby chest rub on the start of day 3 (today) of my little one’s cold. The past 2 days we have barely slept due to congestion and runny nose, and things were not looking up. For his nap, I put some on his chest and the bottom of his feet, as advised on the box. I am SO happy to report that he’s been snoring away for almost 2 hours! Thank you!!

Jessica H.

I tried the all natural baby chest rub on my daughter last night. She has a cold and it helped a lot! She slept through the night and woke up feeling and looking a lot better! Will totally recommend this to everyone I know.

Jane S.

I just started using the baby chest rub on my daughter Clara and she LOVES it!


This might not be the most conventional use of your products, but I have to share this story. I have 2 small sores on my leg that are not healing well. I have been keeping a bandage over them but wanted to put some ointment on as well. After searching the bathroom cupboard for first aid cream or antibiotic ointment or the like, I came up empty. What I did find was our jar of Maty’s All Natural Chest Rub. I checked the ingredients and thought, why not? 12 hours after applying a small amount of the chest rub and a bandage to the sores, there is improvement already. Thank you for such a wonderful, all natural product!

Jaymee B.

I got to Walgreen’s because of their great selection of natural and homeopathic choices and was very pleased to discover your brand. I got the baby chest rub for my sick 5 yo and we both love it! I’m looking forward to trying the entire line of products. Thanks for making natural accessible.

Gabriela A.

I just wanted to say that I’m thankful for your all natural baby chest rub (lavender). This is my first time trying your product on my baby and I’m not disappointed. It makes her sleep better at night. It has that soft smell to it that I’m in love with because I can’t stand that strong smell from other chest rubs out there. Thank you for making this product!

Melaney Jo

We use Maty’s baby chest rub as a detangler in our family (among other things!) and it makes our hair so shiny and manageable! There’s no such thing as tangles with Maty’s! :)

Carmela T.

Your Maty’s All Natural Chest Rub is Helping My Son! Love it and love the added bit of patchouli in it! Warm and Comforting! :)

Cindy J.

Thank you, we absolutely LOVE the baby chest rub, & its natural?! Amazing!

Kelsie C.

Just wanted to post here and say I found your baby chest rub product last night and it was my first time using any maty’s product. I can honestly say I love it! And I am now wanting to throw out all of our cough remedies, syrups and ointments and fully stock up on maty’s!!!! I am so happy to find something so natural at my local Walmart and drugstore. It is such a relief!!! Thank you for making all that you have and giving families everywhere a natural source of relief.

Kristen L.

My daughter has had a terrible cough that we could just not get rid of! I tried everything from air purifiers to warm baths. And NOTHING was working. Weeks went by and I was convinced that this cough was going to linger forever! Today I broke down and bought your natural chest rub and my daughter slept uninterrupted for the first night in weeks!! I am so thrilled!! Amazing product!!!

Adri M.

So pleased with the Baby Chest Rub! Will be trying more of the products out! <3

Felicia J.

Wow! Your chest rub worked wonders on my 18 month old! I rubbed it on her feet too. Not one single sneeze or cough today!

Emily E

I bought the baby chest rub at walmart and would like to just say that I am so happy with this product. It helps the entire family. Thank you so much for making a wonderful all natural safe product.

Akita B.

I love your baby chest rub! I bought it because I was uncertain about the harsh vapors of other rubs and I saw yours have more natural ingredients. I love it and it works very effectively. Thank you for this awesome product!

D. Fowler

I have been using your chest rub on my grandchildren for a few years and never knew it was made in Pittsford – where I grew up! I have recently been ill with bronchitis and putting the rub on my feet has helped lessen my cough. Thank you for your wonderful products! I miss living in Pittsford – even in the winter! Happy Holidays!

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