Online Group Devotionals!

You could be the best Mom Boss, Girl Boss or Superwoman ever – but without feeding your faith ‘on the regular’ you’ll eventually find yourself out of steam and and not getting too much further.

We can only do so much on our own. The Bible says when we are weak, God is strong. We gain supernatural strength by building our relationship with God. So let’s lean in together and help hold each other accountable to get the MOST out of life – including our spiritual life.

Each month, starting the 1st day of the month, will be hosting a new virtual group devotional (devo) for women via the YouVersion Bible app. All women are welcome from across the globe!

Within the group you’ll be able to:

  • Read the devotional passage and related scripture 24/7 when it’s convenient for you.
  • Highlight scriptures that speak to you and take notes for personal use.
  • In the “Talk About It” section, comment (as you want) your reflection of what you learned from the days passage.
  • Also, read and be inspired by what others have wrote in the “Talk About It” section.
  • When you’re done with the devotional you’ll be able to easily go back and read or re-do the devotional anytime you’d like, by finding it in the “Completed Plans” section of the Bible app.

Best of all it’s 100% FREE!

Download the app YouVersion Bible App

After downloading the app, click on the link below each photo to join the group for the month you’re interested in.

See you in the group!



Group Devotionals by Month



“Daring Faith” by Nicole Smithee

The group link to this devotional is now closed. However, feel free to visit the link under the photo to start the devotional solo or with a group of friends of your own.



“Well Done” by Grit & Virtue

This group devotional will be open until 2/28/2020. 


MARCH 2020 – DECEMBER 2020

To be announced.

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Last note: If you have a suggestion for a group devo you think we’ll enjoy please  please email me at with the subject line “Online Group Devotional”

Sincerely Desirae




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