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It’s my desire to create live events and meet-ups to connect with the SincerelyMrsMommy (SMM) Tribe off line and in person! Check out this page for upcoming events, meet-ups and gatherings, as of now, based in Central Florida. If you’d love to have me come to your city for a collaboration or as a guest let’s chat! You can email me at

Upcoming Events and Meet-Ups

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Past Events and Meet-Ups

Let’s Catch a Movie! Mom Date including Movie and Dessert afterwards. RSVP at

Charlize Theron Tully Movie
New Movie “Tully” Starring Charlize Theron RSVP to the Mom Date at

Let's Do Brunch
Let’s Do Brunch! A time to meet up with other mom’s to eat delicious food, take in a beautiful view of Lake Mirror and to talk candidly about all things motherhood!