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Hi! My name is Desirae Ofori and I’m the founder of

Desirae Ofori

My name is Desirae Ofori, a Caribbean girl  born & raised in Miami. I met my husband Sam, in college & we’ve been married for 8 years. We have two handsome boys Samson (3) Kingston (newborn). For 9 years I had a career as a Mental Health Therapist and LTC Care Coordinator. However, I took the jump at the end of 2017, to become a full time Mom Lifestyle Blogger & Visual Artist.

Some of my loves are Jesus, my family, cultures, flavorful food/ music, natural hair/products, reading, listening to podcasts, naptime, chocolate, being creative, and sharing what I learn.

It wasn’t until recently I realized & accepted my gift as what I call a Mom Ambassador My mission is to inspire, educate and empower Mom’s to own their full potential and remember that your life & voice matters – beyond the kids, marriage/relationships, and your job/career.

Here on, you will find tips, advice, and inspirational stories from me and other women. The mission is to empower every woman to feel confident in each role they lead. Feel free to also checkout my Art page at DeKelis Custom Art & Designs

If you’re interested in collaborating, being a guest writer, or just want to share your thoughts you can contact me at

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