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Hi, my name is Desirae Ofori! As the blog’s name suggests, I’m a wife, a mother of two little boys, and a full time mom boss! At the end of 2017 I graciously stepped away from my career as a Mental Health Therpist and the Healthcare sector. January 1, 2018 started my new career as a full time Mom Lifestyle Blogger and professional Visual Artist.

And since then, I’ve been the #MomBoss face to prove that whoever you are sincerely meant to be doesn’t have to end when you become a mom. It can be the motivation you need to become her!

The Ofori’s. Sam, Samson, Kingston, and Desirae. Photo / Chance Yearwood

Motherhood and Marriage has been beautiful and hard, yet all at the same time worth it. I would not trade my life and my family.

Through this blog, I’m reaching back to who I needed and I’m here to to help you too. I just want to see us all win!

Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy is here to inspire mom’s to not give up on themselves, their marriage, their kids, their passions or their voice. The blog is also here to help mom’s discover real life hacks & solutions to the everyday mom life struggles. This is also a platfrom for YOU to share YOUR truth & help other mom’s in the same boat.

Let’s connect through the blog, podcast, videos, social media, meet-ups + whatever other idea God gives me LOL! If you know someone who needs to see other mom’s who are rising above their struggles, and making it work, send them here. We have a mom tribe waiting for them 👭👭

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