Boys of Fall

AAWWWWWEE YEEEYA!!!! It’s that time of year again!!!! Football SEASON!! My favorite time of year. Get out your hoodies, gloves, face tattoos and cushioned seats we’ve got some business to take care of. Some of my greatest high school memories were made cheering under the Friday night lights. There’s an excitement, intensity, overwhelming sense of school pride that football instills in the hearts of those who love the game. It isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when your boy is on that field.

As our family has entered into the world of school sports I have learned a lot. After the first week of practice my son came home covered in bruises, bruises he had no idea were even there. I cringed as I looked at his arms and legs, he was black and blue from head to toe. He never said a word or complained once. How did he not feel these? Bruises to him are a sign of hard work, trophies that prove how bad he wants to be on that field. He would do anything to play the game. Just like all the other boys on his team he is determined to be a contribution to his team and fellow teammates. All these boys, although only 7th graders, have been waiting for this moment. They’re all out there to prove themselves worthy of the jersey. To a mama this is terrifying, to a father it’s what they’ve been waiting for.

I worry if the sacrifice is worth the pay out. It only takes a second to realize that it is sooooo worth it. He’s dreamt of this since he was little. When he was 3 years old, he would wear this chiefs football uniform that we got him for halloween everyday to daycare. I had to bribe him to take it off so I could wash it. I still see that little boy, now a young man, in a little bigger uniform. Now it’s harder hits, more pressure, more responsibility and an even greater love for the game. I am slowly learning to take it one year, one game, one play at a time. This is something these boys have worked hard for and will continue to work for. This game has taught them so much. It will carry memories of youth, pride and accomplishment for years to come.

I will continue to pray for safety and protection over each player out there. This game I love may end up giving me grey hair, a bleacher butt and more wrinkle lines than I can count but my heart is now on that field!! I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so proud of the young men all these boys are becoming. As we kick off the first game of the season this Thursday (for the middle school) and Friday (for the high school) I wish all the boys of fall, their mama’s and everyone cheering them on another great season of the greatest game ever played!!!

I would like to note that although I am an extremely sappy mom, I am a ruthless football fan. I’ve been know to scare the bageezus out of my husband and children yelling at the TV. I’ve also pushed my children out of the way when they stand in front of my view at a football game. It is serious, DO NOT block my view!!! I’m like a firecracker on crack. My son has told me to quit cheering so loud, its apparently embarrassing. So in lieu of that here’s another video to get you in the football spirit!!! To my Blue Jays, Beavers, Wildcats and Patriots (don’t judge me)……Let’s Light Em UP!!!!

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