Podcast Episode 31 – How to Trust God with Action In Spite of the Pushback with Chantalle Adamson

Podcast Episode 31 – How to Trust God with Action In Spite of the Pushback with Chantalle Adamson

It’s one thing to say you trust God, but it’s a whole different thing when you have to show up and trust with action! Today special guest, wife, mom, and boss Chantalle Adamson, breaks down what it looks like to trust God with action in spite of the internal and external pushback to choose the opposite of what God is leading you to do.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  1. Trusting God versus her fear of pregnancy and childbirth.
  2. Identity issues and learning how to see yourself the way God does.
  3. Overcoming strong family expectations – (growing up in a traditional Caribbean household).
  4. Allowing yourself to release numbness and feel the pain to heal from your past.
  5. Discovering the values rooted in your flaws, plus seeing how God can use them all.
  6. And so much more!

Chantalle drops so many gems and nuggets of wisdom in today’s episode. Make sure you have your journal or the notes open on your phone to jot it all down. This will definitely be an episode to listen to more than once!

How to Trust God with Action In Spite of The Pushback with Chantalle Adamson

How to Trust God with Action Inspite of Pushback with Chantalle Adamson

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Time Stamp

  • 5:29 Introduction and Background
  • 11:02 Start of Interview
  • 1:02:28 Closing remarks from Chantalle Adamson and Desiraé Ofori

Quotes from Chantalle this episode

“Sometimes God doesn’t want us to take a step. He wants us to jump – but that happens with trust.”

“We can’t get lost in doubt.”

“I couldn’t see when people were hurting me because I was so committed to them… I couldn’t learn from God when I was putting my family before Him.”

“I learned we are who we are at the end of the day. People feel like we have to change and God showed me, it’s not about you changing, I just want you to shift your perspective.”

"When you start to realize what's true, then you can identify the lie and see how God can still use you as you are for good."

“The things that made up anxiety is what drove me to be a make-up artist.”

“I experience overwhelm, not anxiety.”

“We are enough with what we are… once we learn to trust God.”

“We’re all a work in progress.”

“People don’t deserve to have toxic fumes floating in their atmosphere because I chose not to deal with my past.”

“When we get stuck in woe is me – that’s when the lies pour in, that’s when we forget our affirmations, that’s when we forget hey this is who [God] told you you are.”

We are enough with what we are once we learn to trust God

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Honorable Mentions

Sincerely, Chantalle Adamson
Sincerely, Chantalle Adamson

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