How to Make Gloop with Samson Cole – Fun Science Activity for Kids At Home!

How to Make Gloop with Samson Cole – Fun Science Activity for Kids At Home!

🎉It’s a Kid’s Blog Takeover! Samson Cole, my 5-year-old son, loves experimenting with science and wanted to share this fun and easy kids’ activity with all of you!

We recently discovered a new kids’ show on Netflix titled “Emily’s Wonder Lab”, and Samson has quickly fallen in love with all of the science experiments. He has literally wanted to try every experiment, and we’ve done a few at home with materials we already have. 

However, when he saw Episode 2: Walking on Oobleck, we didn’t have all of the ingredients to try it at home.

Well, to my luck while browsing in Hobby Lobby the other day, I landed in their kids’ science and educational aisle and found loads of cool activities for kids, including a pack of the gloop mix that included the cornstarch and the coloring dyes! It was only $4.99!

Gloop Mix from Hobby Lobby
Gloop Mix from Hobby Lobby. Visit here for details.

This seriously may be my new gift-giving aisle for him. Or better yet, an incentive and reward for positive behavior at home and school. 

On Sunday, we decided to work on it because I knew I had the time to give my full undivided attention. This is an experiment that could get messy quickly. As I was gathering everything, Samson says, “Mommy where’s the camera, I want to record it!”

If you’re even slightly familiar with Samson, you already know he loves an audience, performing, acting, and just being the life of the party. He also loves those kids reality shows on YouTube – so it was not a surprise that he would want to do a video. What did surprise me, was how well he did without much guidance besides me telling him to let you all know what ingredients he was using. The rest of the script and verbiage was on him. I love that kid!

How to Make Gloop with Samson Cole


NOTE: Gloop should never be thrown away in the sink or toilet drain, it will clog! Always toss it in the garbage instead.

Gloop Ingredients:
Food Coloring
Mixing Spoon or stick
Have fun!

This is his first video tutorial and he’s so excited about it. Would you or your kids love to see more videos from Samson? Show him some love and encouragement in the comments, like this video (on YouTube) and share. Let us know if you try this at home!


How to Make Gloop with Samson Cole
How to Make Gloop with Samson Cole –

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