Soul Care Series: The Covered Planner Review!

Soul Care Series: The Covered Planner Review!

The past few weeks we have been focused on Soul Care (caring for and nurturing your soul and spiritual life) and I’ve been reviewing different tools and resources that I’m using to help me stay on track.

Today I have another review for you, and it may surprise you!

There are so many things to keep up with these days, with school starting back for students, parents beginning to return back to work from working remotely, and just taking care of life necessities all in one. This planner by Jasmine Coicou could not have come at a better time! A planner is not typically what one would think of when it comes to caring for your soul or spiritual life, but trust me, it’s so helpful and needed! This planner is different than anything you’ve ever seen or heard of. Stay with me!

The Covered Planner by Jasmine Coicou - available in two colors.
The Covered planner by Jasmine Coicou – available in two colors. Photo Source.

The Covered planner is a 6-month faith-based planner that includes designated space for daily scripture guidance, gratitude listing, planning, and reflection. It’s undated, which makes it perfect to start at any time of the year! Watch the video as I take you through the planner, point out some of my favorite parts, plus a couple of personal suggestions on how you can make it your own.

My Therapist always asks me if I have a schedule. Sometimes I’m confident with it, and sometimes I’m not. Either way, she always reminds me that it is okay for it to change. With life the way it’s been and constantly changing sometimes I feel all over the place. However, knowing that I have a planner to keep me in alignment with all the things that are important to me, the Covered planner is a game-changer for sure. Check out my review below.

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Soul Care Series: A Faith Based Planner!? Covered Planner Review
Soul Care Series: The Covered Planner Review

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