Soul Care Series: The Jesus Bible Review!

Soul Care Series: The Jesus Bible Review!

As part of my new soul care journey, where I focus more on catering and nourishing my soul and spiritual life, I was on the hunt for a new Bible and Bible Study companion. My friend gifted me with “The Bible Study”, and I did a YouTube video review in my last post. However today, I’m sharing my new favorite Bible! The last one I had was totally falling apart by the seams and was actually a Bible geared towards recovering addicts. I have no idea how I even obtained the Bible, because I’m not a recovering addict, but it had the word of God and took care of what I needed.

I went back and forth on several different Bibles, watching YouTube reviews, Amazon reviews, and even polling on social media. At the end of the day, I decided to choose The Jesus Bible, and am really glad that I did. In the video below I’ll share with you the ins and outs, what I love about the Bible, and how I use it throughout the week.

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The Jesus Bible Review Feature Photo with Desirae Ofori pictured holding the BIble


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