Soul Care Series: The Bible Study Review! Is it Worth It?

Soul Care Series: The Bible Study Review! Is it Worth It?

I’ve been on a new spiritual journey the past several months, with a big urge to dig deeper into soul care. Soul care is the same concept as self-care, except with the focus in catering and nourishing your soul and a spiritual life!

A friend of mine gifted “The Bible Study” set to me a few months ago and I’ve been loving it! If you’d like to learn more about it and see how I use it, definitely watch my YouTube review below. If you have any suggestions for other “Soul Care” products, books, or anything that you’d like me to review, comment below or contact me via social media or email me at sincerelymrsmommy@gmail (dot) com.

Watch “The Bible Study Review”! 

Learn more and get The Bible Study!

The Brand Sunday – has more resources including the Bible Study in an electronic version and a version for Teens!

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