3 Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the COVID-19 Slide by Lisa Vivo, Ed.S

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the COVID-19 Slide by Lisa Vivo, Ed.S

Local Tutoring Team Offers 3 Tips for Beating The COVID-19 Slide

The coronavirus (COVID-19) caused local school closures and sent school districts scrambling to meet the educational needs of their students. While it is difficult to project how student learning may have been impacted by changes to the learning environment coupled with possible trauma, research on summer learning loss can give us clues on how to plan for and prevent achievement gaps that may be present when students return to school.

Past research findings show largely varied amounts of learning loss or deceleration during times when school is out. This has been found true for the summer months, greater in math than in reading, and grows at higher grade levels. Experts project the impacts of COVID-19 school changes will include significant academic effects, especially in math.
Families can take proactive measures to prevent the widening of achievement gaps for their students. The team at Club Z! Tutoring of Hunter’s Creek offers the following tips:

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the COVID-19 Slide

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the COVID-19 Slide by Lisa Vivo, Ed. S of ClubZ! Tutoring Services in Hunters Creek, Florida
3 Tips to Help Your Kids Beat the COVID-19 Slide by Lisa Vivo, Ed. S of ClubZ! Tutoring Services in Hunters Creek, Florida

Tip #1 – Play Board Games

Board games often involve math skills. They are a great way to improve focus and practice pro-social skills, like following directions and turn-taking. Here are a few game options to play with your kids.

  • Rummikub is a game that is easy to learn and helps in practicing number sequences and patterns. Players arrange number tiles into groups of the same number or consecutive numbers using lots of strategy and a bit of luck!
  • Do your kids need to build fluency with addition and subtraction? Sequence Numbers is a fun option! Players must solve equations on cards and place a chip on the correct answer on the game board. The objective is to get five chips in a row.
  • There are also game sets for learning letters & sounds and states & capitals.
Rummikub by Pressman Toy
Rummikub board game for ages 8 and up by Pressman Toy.

Tip #2 – Flash Card Drills

Flashcards are a proven method for improving the automaticity of letters, sight words, and math facts. Make it fun by adding a speed element. If the student is not able to provide a correct answer within a few seconds, the answer is provided. Correct answers are celebrated. The batch of cards should consist of a mix of easy and difficult items. Flashcard bundles are available for reading and math and will prove useful through various grade levels.

Flashcard recommendation, this 500+ Sight Words Flash Cards Bundle Kit (Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade) by Think Tank Scholar. Also available on Amazon. Photo source ThinkTankScholar.com

Tip #3 – Online Tutoring or Classes

Online instruction and tutoring can provide effective structured learning opportunities for students. Club Z! is the nation’s largest in-home and online tutoring and test prep organization, with more than 450 offices in North America.

  • Parents can choose between online tutoring in a one-on-one or small group environment.
  • Homework help and remediation is available in reading, math, writing, science, social studies, and more for students in Pre-Kindergarten through College.
  • Tutors focus on the school’s curriculum making this a great supplement to teacher-led virtual learning.
  • Tutors are screened and background checked. They are certified teachers or degreed professionals.
  • Feedback to parents is part of every session.
  • Aside from tutoring, Club Z! is also offering online classes, which include Coding & Computer Programming, Spanish, and SAT/ACT test prep.

Club Z! Hunters Creek

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