The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit by Grace to Parent

The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit by Grace to Parent

The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit by Grace to Parent

Picture it. You’re at home in quarantine with your child(ren) on what feels like day number 763,729 of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic. You’re in a juggle with keeping your household healthy, a new work from home routine, your kids schoolwork, and keeping them entertained with something while you work on whatever requires your full attention at that given time 

Your stress level is high, patience is growing thin, and you’re struggling to daily re-adjust to this new normal way of life. You might even feel like you’ve lost control of yourself, your kids, and constantly trying to wrap your mind around the newest updates of the world.


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You might even find that your home is filled with more arguing, shouting, behavioral issues, ineffective punishment, with little to no improvement on the relationship you have with your kids.

Keep in mind your kids are also feeling the same effects. It may not be for the exact same reasons as you, but this time is just as difficult for them as well. 

Instead of growing further apart, or more annoyed, and frustrated with your kids, try to think of having this much time together as a great opportunity to grow a stronger bond with your kids.

The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit by Grace to Parent
The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit by Grace to Parent

The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit

Thanks to positive parenting coach, Remi Makanjuola founder of Grace to Parent, she’s mastered the tools needed to help us learn how to parent with more joy, calmness, and a deeper connection with our kids.

This week Remi has launched “The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit”, that provides everything you need to begin parenting stress-free and effectively.

Remi will teach you her valuable tools that helped to get her children to listen without shouting.

Grace to Parent has hundreds of grateful parents with proven results and countless raving reviews.

Even if shouting is natural for you, you were raised by a shouter, or are recovering from childhood wounds that in turn negatively affect the way you parent, Remi says “No-Shout Parenting” is possible for you! This toolkit is also helpful for multiple ages from toddlers all the way to teens!

You can learn more about “The No-Shout Parenting Toolkit” and enroll into the course by visiting Classes start soon!


The No-Shout Parenting Challenge!

“No-Shout Parenting Challenge”

Remi also has a 3 day “No-Shout Parenting Challenge” absolutely free for you to join. This past week we went live on Instagram to talk about some of the frustrations that come with parenting, especially during a pandemic.

If you missed it, you’re in luck! I have the replay below for you to watch in your own time.

In this video, Remi explains why parents shout, how to discover and focus on the positive qualities of your children instead of their negative behaviors, plus the importance of parenting with grace, love and empathy! 

Click the video to watch now:

I encourage you (and me) to turn this quarantine time into an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to reset the course of our parenthood. Let’s come out of this pandemic better than we started, with stronger bonds and healthier relationships with our family.

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