Our Favorite Natural and Earth Friendly Period Products!

Our Favorite Natural and Earth Friendly Period Products!

Sis, what a time it is to be alive and having periods!

That may sound funny, but it’s true lol!

These days there are so many options for period care, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. So we just stick to what we’ve always used or pick the cheapest brand on the shelf.

Yet sadly, many women don’t realize that a lot of the mainstream brands we grew up using are actually doing more harm to us than good.

Sure, they promise to help us stay clean, minimize leaks, smell fresh, and maintain our active lifestyles. There are even a lot of off-brands that make vaginal care products more affordable and easier to access than before.

However, regardless of  whether you choose a name brand or off-brand, many period products are usually created with toxic ingredients that have been linked to cervical cancer, reproductive health issues, allergic reactions, intense cramping, and more! 

“…I didn’t have a skin problem – I had a product issue.”

One of my friends said, “I became extremely sensitive to chemicals last year and everything has to be in it’s most natural form possible. TMI but in context – I was having some extreme itching and bumps from wearing ‘Always’ when I realized I didn’t have a skin problem – I had a product issue.”


White underwear on laundry line
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While doing some research, I discovered an amazing resource to help us learn more about this epidemic – Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE).

They’ve commissioned independent research on various vaginal hygiene products such as pads, tampons, vaginal wipes, douche, anti-itch creams, deodorants and suppositories.

The chemicals discovered in these products are known to have links to cancer, reproductive harm, infertility, allergic rash, endocrine disruption, and other health and pregnancy related issues. You can read more about this in detail on their Chem Fatale Report to start the research yourself. I’ll link more resources from their site and others at the end of today’s article. 

It’s important that you not just take my word for it, but that you actually read up and do the research for yourself. Think about your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, goddaughters, and any other uterus carrying person you know!

Today, I encourage you to be your sisters keeper and help spread the word.

Natural and Earth Friendly Period Products

Thankfully the 21st century has brought us a lot of new options that are safer for our overall health and Mother Earth. I reached out to the Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy tribe on Social Media to find out their favorite products and brands for period care.

My request was for them to share products that were natural, organic, affordable, and or environmentally friendly. Below you’ll find their recommendations for pads, tampons, cups, discs, and period panties. A quick shout-out to y’all!! THANK YOU!! The feedback was amazing!

So take a look at the list below. I’ve divided it by category with a break down of an average starting price, the brands’ website (hello, more research), where to purchase, honest reviews from the SMM tribe, and a bonus “Good to Know” section highlighting a cool fact about each company (other products, their mission, history, etc.)


Our Favorite Natural and Earth Friendly Period Products
Our Favorite Natural and Earth Friendly Period Products


Pads, Tampons, + Pantyliners


Desirae Ofori holding a bag of L. pads
Desirae Ofori holding a bag of pads by L. found at Target.


This is L. – $6+ | thisisl.com  | Target + Target.com

  • “I love the L. brand… you get a larger count of tampons and pads for the same price of Always. And they are comfortable.”
  • “I love L pads. I just wish the sticky part was better.”

Good to Know: They also fund grassroots women-led enterprises with pad manufacturing machines, promoting female entrepreneurship and creation of jobs for girls and women in under served areas of the world. 


Sustain – $7+ | sustainnatural.com | Grove Collective (Grove.co)

  • “I started using Sustain organic cotton pads. 100% organic cotton, chlorine free, hypoallergenic and no fragrances! And they have a plethora of other products. I ordered mine though my Grove Collective monthly box.”

Good to Know: They also produce period panties, menstruation cups, and condoms. Plus 10% of their proceeds go to women’s healthcare organizations.


The Honey Pot Co. – $7+ | thehoneypot.co | Target + Target.com

  • “It has been very helpful in decreasing the amount of meds I use during my cycle and I’m in much less discomfort. The essential oils are the best, for me.”
  • “If I ever use pads I use Th Honey Pot pads that have essential oils that feel super refreshing.”

Good to Know: Founded by a black woman! They also have a wide range of feminine hygiene,  Mommy-to-Be and Postpartum Products.


The HoneyPot Company Menstrual Products
Source: TheHoneyPot.co


Cora – $10+ | cora.life | Target + Target.com

  • “Cora brand is good for tampons, pads, liners.”

Good to Know: They have a quiz on their website, to help you decide which is the best product for you. 


Just. – $5-$6 | justperiods.com | Walmart Stores + Walmart.com

  • “I appreciate how affordable they are! They are natural cotton, comfortable, and I love that they’re in a box for easy storage.”

Good to Know: The brand has partnered with ActiveMinds.org with a joint mission to build mental health awareness for teens. 


La Vie – $21+ |  lavieforwomen.com| Amazon.com + Walmart.com

  • “I made the switch a few years ago as well then went back to Always because I couldn’t find a pad thick enough to support my flow. They are $25/45 count on Amazon. Pricey than most, but like I said, the organic pads in the stores just aren’t thick enough for my heavy flow.”

Good to Know: They’ve teamed up with DonorsChoose to help U.S. Public school teachers provide period pads to help young women in need.


NatraCare – $6+ | natracare.com | Amazon, Thrive Market, Local Health Food Stores

  • “I love the NatraCare brand! I’ve switched over to organic for about 3 years now.”

Good to Know: No plastic! They are the first brand to make organic cotton tampons. Plus they create postpartum pads, nursing pads and baby wipes.


Lola – $9+ | mylola.com 

  • “Lola products are really good and delivered to your door!”

Good to Know: They have an online period support group, where you can submit questions to their resident experts, join their forum, check out their support group events and subscribe to their email newsletter.


Honorable Mentions: Seventh Generation, Rael, Honest Company, and O.I. – Organic Initiative.


Disposable Discs

Flex Menstrual Disc
Source: Target.com


Flex –  $14.99+| flexfits.com | Amazon, Target, + CVS

  • “You’ll have to be real comfortable with yourself. If you’re period is heavy, you may have to go for a bigger size. Also leakage may be an issue with exercise/serious movement. But once it’s in, you don’t feel it at all. No chance for toxic shock syndrome, helps with cramping and intimacy. I recommend giving it a try.”

Good to Know: 100% medical grade material, BPA free, and made without Phthalates or natural latex rubber. They also create silicone cups.


Soft Disc (formerly Soft Cup) – $10.99+ | softdisc.com | Target + Amazon

  • “I like and use Soft Cup [now Soft Disc], I buy once a year.”

Good to Know: 12 hour protection that’s safe for swimming, sleep, and sex. It is also owned and manufactured by the Flex Company (as of 2016).


Honorable Mention: Nixit


Menstural Silicone Cups

Diva Cup 3 pack
Source: Divacup.com


Diva Cup – $37+ | divacup.com | Most big box retailers and local drugstores (Target, Walmart, CVS, etc.)

  • “I’ve used a Diva Cup for 4 years and it was a GAME changer!”
  • “I have been using DivaCup for 3 years now. I absolutely love it and don’t have to worry about packing tampons or pads!”

Good to Know: Founded by a Mother-Daughter duo, DivaCup is the most popular menstrual cup and has been around since 2003!


Lena Cup – $25+ | lenacup.com | Amazon + Grove Collaborative

  • “I use the Lena Cup during the day, then when I get home I use Thinx period panties.”

Good to Know: They have a donation program that provides the Lena Cup to disadvantaged populations through partnerships with organizations in the US, Canada, UK, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bolivia and more.


Honorable Mention: Saalt Cup,  Lunette, Cora, and Flex


Period Panties

Thinx Panties
Source: Shethinx.com


Thinx $32+ | shethinx.com | Amazon

  • “I buy them a size up. So I’m a L, but bought XL. I buy the boy shorts and the hipster. They feel like normal panties just padded all around, front and back. Since I work from home I wear them all day without leaks. My period last 3 days and the first is super heavy, so I wear the boy shorts this day with no leaks. You rinse them out first, and then put them in the wash and dryer like normal. I don’t like the feeling of pads because I feel like no matter how you place them they move around so the period panties are my favorite.”

Good to Know: They have 16 different styles and options for period panties, including active wear, training shorts and leotards. They also have a give back program called GiveRise


Honorable Mention: Modi Bodi, Knix, & Luna Pads.


Reusable Pads

GladRags Reusable Pads
I discovered GladRags Reusable Pads at Chamberlains in Lakeland, Florida


GladRags – $14.99+ | gladrags.com | Amazon

  • Although no one in the poll mentioned reusable pads, and I haven’t personally tried them, I did find these at my local health food store.

Good to know: They have 7 types of pads to choose from and have a convenient size chart on their website. 


Honorable Mention: You can find a variety on Etsy.com and Amazon.



Of course there are so many more brands/products that are out there, but this is a great start if you have no clue where to begin or want to discover something new.
And if we missed one, please please share it in the comment section below. Your Sisters across the world thank you in advance!


Begin Your Research

Women’s Voices for the Earth


Chem Fatale Report, Facts Sheet, Hall of Shame Products, Pregnancy and Chemicals of Concern

US National Library of Medicine + National Institutes of Health

A Question for Women’s Health: Chemicals in Feminine Hygiene Products and Personal Lubricants by Wenee Nicole

Good Guide Website and App

About Good Guide – safety ratings on various products for the household, personal care, babies and kids. 


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