Podcast Episode 24 – Trust Your Ideas and Stop Making Excuses

Podcast Episode 24 – Trust Your Ideas and Stop Making Excuses

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Hey everyone! Soooo it’s been forever in a day since I last recorded a podcast episode. Actually 2 months ago today – which I didn’t realize till I looked up my last episode so I could title this correctly. Mannnn so what happened?? Life! As most of you may know I am a multi-faceted Mom Boss juggling several roles besides being a Mom and a Wife.

The Juggle is Real

December was a great month for me business wise with the take-off of my custom hand-painted phone grips. You know like the pop sockets – except you can’t call them pop sockets, because that’s an actual brand. So the other name for them is phone grip, phone sockets, pop grips – any combination besides Pop Socket. This was an idea from friends and family in early 2019, but I didn’t make an official go of it till late October, early November.

I also hosted my very first solo art show at the end of January! It took a lot from me creative wise. I even had to pause on taking commissions (a.k.a custom orders for artwork) for the month of January just so I could focus.

It was totally worth it, because the show was a complete success! It actually turned out better than I thought. Even though I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown – I kept reminding myself to breathe, relax, not to sweat the small stuff – you know all the anti-anxiety techniques and positive talk I could remember.

After the show was, like a return to reality – but I had to recover. So unfortunately Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy did have to take a back seat for a couple of months. I tried to keep up with positing on social media (you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @sincerelymrsmommy), but I found myself struggling with what to post and if it was anything significant or just to fill space on my pages.

I did keep up with my stories somewhat… somewhat.

Even though I haven’t really been present per se on the blog, the podcast and somewhat distant on social media, I have been deeeeeeeeep into building my spiritual life.

Reading the scriptures, actually multiple scriptures on the same topics, writing them in my journal and then asking God to show me what the lesson is for that day. I did this for 10 days straight and the revelations have been out of this world. It’s really transformed the way I’m thinking and seeing a lot of things. So in a sense I’ve been blogging and writing regularly – just not formally for anyone to read. Perhaps they’ll come forth in future blog posts and podcasts.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Another big thing I did was to take a leap of faith on an idea. This is an idea I got several months ago, about starting an online Devotional group for women, through the Youversion Bible App (Bible.com). I literally told no-one and pretty much decided day of (January 1st) to launch it. I posted a video on Social Media inviting women to join and launched the link. We did the 7 day devotional Daring Faith by Nicole Reyes Smithee. You can visit the Online Devo page here to learn more and join. We had 25 women who joined and it was really something special.

Just doing it, getting the feedback from the women, and confirmations through reading their daily responses, it really filled my heart. It was also an incredible reminder as to the importance with following through with our ideas.

We come up with a bunch of excuses as to why can’t do it – but what we should be considering is why not me? If the idea came in your mind, I strongly believe it’s a seed from God and that we should trust the idea and go with it. The end results may not turn out exactly as you saw it, but the act of moving forward could lead you to where you need to be.

You never know who is waiting for you to answer the call, to try something new, to be someone you thought you didn’t have the skill or guts to be.

Trust Your Ideas & Stop Making Excuses

Trust Your Ideas and Stop Making Excuses
Trust Your Ideas and Stop Making Excuses – Podcast Episode 24

Before I let you go, I want to share the caption of a post I wrote on social media that talks more about following our ideas and why we should stop making excuses.

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Sometimes when we get an idea, we stall and come up with these excuses: A. I don’t want to look like a copy cat. B. I don’t know if anyone would be interested. C. I’ve never seen it done before. D. I’m not sure how to make it happen. E. I don’t have the resources to do it “right”. F. It’s just a little idea, it’s not serious. G. Someone else could do it better than me. H. All of the above. This Friday night and Saturday I had two ideas I was REALLY excited about and then excuses B,D,E,F popped up. By Sunday night I saw a variation of both ideas on IG – and then excuse A popped up. Sam, my Sister and my Auntie can vouch for me. Listen, someone else needs this reminder that when an idea comes in your head don’t play it safe. Don’t discredit it with your doubts and fears. You have limited resources? There’s ALWAYS a way around that – and the adjusted way may actually work out better than if you had everything you thought you needed. The most successful inventions + products were birthed out of lack. I’m telling us all, just take the first step and go for it. Do what you can with what you have, put your spin on it, and don’t worry about it looking like someone else. If it’s truly a pure idea and you’re working on it, it’s literally still going to be one of a kind. Market saturation doesn’t apply to you when what you create, launch, do is unique to you. Someone needs and wants that idea that was planted in you. 💗 #thisisyoursign #goforit *My @dekelisartstudio custom hexagon phone grip pictured for inspiration. It started with an idea.* #momboss #mompreneur #girlboss #bosslady #newideas #freshideas #beauty #blackgirlmagic #melaninqueen #momlifestyleblogger #mommyblogger #motivation #momspiration #girlspiration #believeinyou #believeinyourideas #beliveinyourself #selfconfidence #selflovebeginswithyou #trustyourself #trustyourinstincts #blackgirlswhoblog #blackmomswhoblog #igblogger #blackgirlinfluencer #blackinfluencers #shakengohair

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Join the Group Devotional

If you’re interested in joining the Online Group Devotional for this month, you can check it out on the Online Group Devo page on the blog. We are doing Well Done by Grit and Virtue. That page will have the open link for each month. The group link is open for the month, so you can join at anytime during the month. Once you’re in and start the devotional you have access to it for a lifetime. However, once the month is over, the link is closed. So if you weren’t part of January’s group you won’t have access to that link. Of course, you can still do the devotional solo or with whoever you like. I’ll always leave the direct link in place of the group’s link.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. I hope I have made up for the lost time. However, the hiatus was truly necessary and I’m glad that it wasn’t time spent being idle.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an episode, a blog post, or just want to donate to Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy operations – I’d love to have a chat with you. I’m working on creating some formal avenues, merchandise, and other things to help fund this blog. Every and anything helps. You can email me at SincerelyMrsMommy@gmail.com or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks again for listening or reading and I’ll catch you on the next episode.
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