How to Find Hope in the Unexpected and Hard Seasons of Life by Desirae Ofori

How to Find Hope in the Unexpected and Hard Seasons of Life by Desirae Ofori

May I encourage you? When I was pregnant with Kingston (my 2nd son), I was in shock for a long time. I even battled (somewhat undercover) with prenatal anxiety and depression.

A lot of my expectations for my new Mompreneur season didn’t seem to fit in a new baby. The day I left my job I discovered I was about two months pregnant – 7 weeks 5 days to be exact. Check out I’m Pregnant Now What?

However, even in the midst of that internal struggle, God STILL showed up and provided everything my family needed and more. He made so many of my daydreams a reality. And as the shock fog faded in and out I was able to see how the timing of my pregnancy with Kingston was right on time… it was God’s timing and it was the PERFECT timing.

In fact we chose his name Kingston Zaide with purpose to represent that season; Kingston (King’s Town) Zaide (Increase/Surplus). I just realized his name is like reciting part of the Lord’s prayer – Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

As much as I have often looked back in regret of how my emotions, pregnancy hormones, and limited perspective held me down, today I can say I am thankful.

The Impossible Becomes Possible

James 1:2-3 says we should count it all joy when tests and trials come because this is what strengthens our faith. My faith is definitely stronger because I saw God work in impossible ways. Ways that could only come from the help of up above (Matthew 19:26).


How to Find Hope in the Unexpected and Hard Seasons of Life
How to Find Hope in the Unexpected and Hard Seasons of Life by Desirae Ofori


I encourage you to chill on wishing hard times would leave your life, but instead ask God to strengthen you by allowing you to see His work within the struggle.

Ask Him to help you see how He’s using this situation as a building block for greater experiences and opportunities in your life.

Your future excellence and joy depends on the way you handle and get through these struggles (Jeremiah 29: 7). Master this, and you’ll be able to master so much more.

Push Past Yourself

So the next time you’re in a bind, wishing things weren’t as though they were – push past yourself, of what you see and feel, and dig in a little deeper.

Ask God to help you discover what He’s already deposited in you to help you succeed through this situation. Then run with it.

Affirm who you are in Christ. Affirm who Christ is in you!

I am encouraged by Psalms 3:3 NIV, “But you, oh Lord, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.”

God’s Got You Covered

I recently learned that the shield referred to is not to hide you in defense because you’re afraid to get hurt. It’s a weapon that doubles as protection and a powerful tool helping the break down of any obstacle in front of you with ease… as you move forward.

You have to keep moving forward.

And in the midst of unexpected and hard times, and at the end of it all He will help to hold your head high with confidence and dignity.

Quick Takeaways:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Look for God’s direction on how to maneuver through this season with His grace and ease.

3. Take assurance that hard times don’t last forever.

4. Believe in God’s ability to protect you and removed obstacles.

5. Whatever shame or weakness you feel now can and will be replaced with confidence and strength.

6. Trust His process and keep moving forward.

Take your encouragement on the go with this Jeremiah 29:11 affirmation below click and save it to your phone.

Hope, Protection, and a Good Future... I believe God's plans for me.
Hope, Protection, and a Good Future… I believe God’s plans for me. – Jeremiah 29:11 Source: SincerelyMrsMommy

Sincerely Desirae


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