The Best of 2019 – How A Couple’s Staycation Saved Our Marriage

The Best of 2019 – How A Couple’s Staycation Saved Our Marriage

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How About the Best of 2019!?

The end of year holidays are upon us, and well that just kicks everything and everyone into super busy mode. So while I honestly want to just shut everything down and hibernate until January 1, 2020 rolls around – that’s not an option.  However, I felt like God dropped the greatest idea to me today!

I’m forever talking about how rich the content is on From the Podcast episodes, Blog posts, Interviews, and Videos via YouTube and Social Media, there’s a lot to go around.

Sooo why don’t I just re-share the BEST of 2019 on Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy?!?

This way those of you who are new to Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy will have a chance to hear and read some of the most popular content you missed in 2019. And for those of you who’ve been around for most of the year, you’ll get to see which stories and interviews people loved the most! Also, this is your chance to catch up if you’ve missed any. Plus there are times that the topic of the week may not have resonated with you at that particular time. You may find that these topics are now helpful because they speak to where you are now. All around this to me is a win-win-win!


Photo collage of a couples getaway
The LuGadO Staycation First Anniversary Weekend. Photo by Desirae Ofori


Our Most Downloaded Podcast Episode!

So this week’s first SMM Best of 2019 award goes to Episode 7 – How a Couple’s Staycation Saved our Marriage. What started out as a fun economical way to have a couple’s getaway, has turned into one of the most valuable experiences with built-in accountability to improve and sustain a healthy well-rounded marriage. Listen to our conversation about how my husband and I plus two other couples (we call ourselves LuGadO), staycation have saved our marriages.

If you click on the original link to the Blog Post here you’ll be able to check out all the linked information to everything mentioned on the episode. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts with us!

How a Couple's Staycation Saved Our Marriage
How a Couple’s Staycation Saved Our Marriage

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