Mom Boss Diaries: Dear New Mom Boss

Mom Boss Diaries: Dear New Mom Boss

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EP 21 – Mom Boss Diaries: Dear New Mom Boss

Dear, New Mom Boss

If people tell you what you do looks “easy”, and anyone could do it, say thanks and keep it moving. Obviously they don’t REALLY know you or what you’re going through.

They don’t see the hours you put in, your hard work, the countless decision making, or  your trials and lessons. They don’t realize that corporations hire multiple people to direct and manage teams of even more people to do what you do as a team of one.

Girl, what you’ve been able to do on your own is not easy.

So if others think what you do looks easy, that’s a huge compliment – because you’re obviously knocking it out of the park.

The mastermind that you are knows the truth. You are one helluva FORCE to reckon with.

Keep pushing, rest when needed, refuel, and do what you can to make those Mom Boss dreams a reality. Your diligence and hard work will pay off.

Your determination will allow you to rise to the next level. And the next level. And the next level, heyyy there’s levels to this! These are the “I remember when days”. It won’t always require this much exertion. Those who we look up to, admire, or compare ourselves to often have the kind of help behind the scenes that you don’t… yet.

Mom Boss Diaries: Dear New Mom Boss by Desirae Ofori
Mom Boss Diaries: Dear New Mom Boss by Desirae Ofori


One day you’ll have a team or teams of your own. You’ll find that you have the financial backing and success. You’ll have the equity in your business, and your net will be more than you ever dreamed. You’re biggest decisions won’t include, “Do I stretch my budget to cover this business expense or do I have to spend it on the kids or the home.” You’ll have enough for both, PLUS a treat for yourself. You’ll have options and have enough for all of these.

You’ve made it this far… just imagine how much farther you’ll be 6 months from now, a year from now, 3 years from now.  You may feel like you’re running in circles – but clarity will come. You’ll find your niche, your way, your people, what works best for you, your “it factor”. The days of famine won’t last forever. The future of plenty and overflow is not too far from you.

You only fail when you give up. Do what it takes now, so you can embrace, and enjoy the “easy” later. You’ve got this! We got this!

I look forward to shaking your hand when we reach it to the top! Because  at the rate we’re going, honey,  I’m confident we will.

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