8 FREE Ways to Self Care with Your Kids by Desirae Ofori

8 FREE Ways to Self Care with Your Kids by Desirae Ofori

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Lately I’ve been working on my self care habits and not waiting till the new year to make it a resolution. I’ve decided to make it a 4th quarter goal.
I think I’m going to declare October as Self Care month. Especially since it’s right before the busy Holiday season starts. You know how crazy, fun, and more crazy the season can be. So having a self care plan and getting a head start should do us all some good.
Anywho… My friend Alexys and I were out to brunch last week, talking about our schedules, life, etc. And I mentioned how busy and burnt out I’ve been. I’ve been wanting to do a better job at self care, because I notice how crucial it is when I go a long period of time without it.
Alexys and I getting our self-care on with Brunch!
Alexys and I getting our self-care on with Brunch!
Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the thought of self care because of all the other things we have to do. It can feel like, “oh great! One more thing to add to the list”. However, if we simplify our idea of self care, and the activities that promote it, then perhaps it’ll be easier to not only practice it, but practice it more often.

The Mom Struggle is Real!

For moms it can be a bit stressful thinking of self care, because you have to consider costs, time, possibly needing a babysitter, and all the extras. By the time you organize all that you are pooped! Thinking of all that prep for alone time, usually puts me in a position to talk myself out of it. It’s just TEW MUCH!
So I figured, self care doesn’t always have to require things done alone. You can actually incorporate your kids or time time spent when you have your kids. Introduce them to the idea now and show them how and what gives back to ourselves. This way as they grow up, they’ll be more prone to make time for it themselves.

8 FREE Ways to Self Care with your Kids“, starting today.

  1. Coloring / Paint Session– Color or paint session with the kids, talk about your favorite colors. Use a coloring book or download a free printable. Michael’s has some cute canvas boards with pre-printed drawings on them. Check it out here.
  2. Nap time – While they sleep, take some time to lounge, pour/sip your favorite drink and listen to a playlist according to what you need, relaxation, or a pick me up. Especially perfect for the littles with unpredictable wake-up times.
  3. Meals – Sit and eat with the kids, ask them what their favorite foods are and why. Talk about the tastes and textures of what they’re eating. We usually are busy running around while they are eating or don’t nourish ourselves. So stopping to eat is a win-win.
  4. Samson at his cousin's birthday party making a pizza. But this is also a great idea, cook or bake something fun with the kids.
    Samson at his cousin’s birthday party making a pizza. But this is also a great idea, cook or bake something fun with the kids.
  5. Dance Party – Pick up the heart rates and release some tension by dancing wild like your kids to a couple of their favorite tunes.
  6. Watch a Movie – Get some snacks and cuddle up with the kids on the couch with one of their faves or a new movie – and actually watch the movie (no phones!). You can ask them what’s their favorite scene(s) and character(s).
  7. Take a walk – around the neighborhood, play iSpy, take turns picking colors and looking for what you can see in that color.
  8. Story time – Cuddle up and Read 2-3 books with the kids – or act out the story lines.
  9. Play date – the kids get to be entertained by friends their age and Mommy gets to chitchat with another adult who gets Mom life. Even if the adult conversation may not be that deep – sometimes you just need light convo and be in the company of those who get where you are in life… or atleast are willing to listen.

If you have any extra ideas please comment on this blog post or send me an email at SincerelyMrsMommy at gmail.com!

Enjoying some downtime in the car, before my 4 year old's music lessons.
Enjoying some downtime in the car, before my 4 year old’s music lessons.
Also do me a favor and share this to your Instagram or Facebook timeline or stories. Share this with your mom friends and non-friends. I’m sure anyone can find use out of this list, especially if you are short on time and money, and just really need an activity to do that allows you to take a break from your busy reality and give some time back to yourself.
You get one body, one life… take care of yourself. The better you take care of you, the better you’ll be able to take care of everyone and everything else around you.
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