A Perfect + Healthy Self-Care Option for Mom’s by Desirae Ofori

A Perfect + Healthy Self-Care Option for Mom’s by Desirae Ofori

Transparency Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored, however as always, my opinions and recommendations shared are from my personal real-life experience. 

There are a million and one ways to “self-care”. I’m sure you’ve heard of or attempted a few yourself. I know, “self-care” is a trendy word right now, but it’s necessary. The longer you go without taking care of yourself, the faster you run into circles until your body says, enough is enough.

Our bodies give us warnings, and we usually ignore them thinking, “just this one more thing”, or “just a few more days.” No girl. We have to listen to our bodies and take care of them. We only get one, you know?

Our body gives us warnings.

Today I’m going to share with you one way of self-care that you may not have considered – or even knew about.

What if there was something you could do that not only took care of your body, but also your need for socialization, community, and fun. Plus the best part? You won’t have to hunt down a babysitter!

It might even be out of your comfort zone, like it was for me. However, sometimes doing things out of our comfort zone is the best thing we can do. Especially if it leads to a healthier way of taking care of yourself. If not for the ones you love and care for, then definitely just for you- because you matter… a LOT!

So what is it girl? What are you talking about??

I’m talking about FIT4MOM Lakeland!


Group Photo with Fit4Mom
My first day at FIT4MOM Lakeland, with fellow mom’s Jackie Gill (Owner), and Carlasha with her beautiful baby girl!

In my blog post “Mom Boss Diaries: I Need Some Girl Time”, I listed my poll results from Facebook and Instagram, on great places to meet new people and other mom’s. FIT4MOM was one of the places  listed. I’ve wanted to try out our local group in Lakeland since they started a year ago. But I was shy, and didn’t want to go alone.

However, last month the owner Jackie Gill reached out to me about trying out a class, and I decided why not? That one class then turned into a really cool 30 day collaboration. So now I can really  talk to you about FIT4MOM Lakeland from my own personal experience.

What is FIT4MOM Lakeland?

FIT4MOM is a nationally recognized prenatal and postnatal fitness program, that includes  fitness classes that allows for fun interaction with your kids while you work out,  a local support network of mom’s in various stages of motherhood, and an “Our Village” community that includes activities like Moms Night Out, playgroups, community activities, family events, and more. Everything they do is geared toward promoting Strength in Motherhood®.


A Perfect Healthy Self Care Options for Mom's
A Perfect Healthy Self Care Options for Mom’s

What Can You Expect?

This is what I found to be true with my FIT4MOM Lakeland experience:

  • You get to meet and actually talk to some really nice and genuine mom’s.
    • In between work out stations, and even during workouts the conversations were light, fun and easy to be a part of. I felt included and not like an outsider. Hey girl, hey! Goodbye awkward silence.
  • Total body work out with optional modifications.
    • The instructors Jackie and Arielle were knowledgeable, very encouraging, motivating and accommodating especially with my core issues from Distastis Recti (abdominal wall separation).  I never felt like I had to do more than I could manage. When I was ready to take it up a notch, they were supportive and modeled how to safely.
  • Budget friendly with multiple membership and non-membership options.
    • Your first class is FREE! After your first class, you can pay per number of classes, monthly, or one of their unlimited plans.
  • Stay at Home and Work from Home Mom friendly.
    • If you’re a SAHM with the kids at home, bring them along with you. Or if your kids are in school/daycare – drop them off and come to a class without them. It was a nice break for me! Hello, me time!
  • Built-in support system.
    • They host a monthly Mom’s Night Out, plus free family fitness classes, and events sprinkled throughout the month. You can stay up to date with these events on their Facebook page.


All-in-One Self Care!

I really enjoyed the classes, and learning how to use my surroundings to get a great work out in.  After the first couple of weeks, I noticed myself stepping up my game with the workout routines, and even trading walking for running the laps between stations… without hyperventilating! I was incredibly proud of myself!  I also loved that feeling of accountability from the other mom’s being there. No one put me down for the classes I had to miss either. Plus I really did enjoy getting to know these ladies and their cute kids.

If you’re in the Lakeland area you should definitely check it out. And if you’re not local check out the location search on Fit4Mom.com to find the closest one to you.

fit4mom moms night out
A Mom’s Night Out with FIT4MOM Lakeland. Photo by FIT4MOM Lakeland


Get a Free Class and Discount!

Like I mentioned before the first class is always FREE! Plus Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy readers can use code MOMMY15 for 15% off Unlimited Monthly Memberships and 10 Block Class Passes! To take advantage of these offers visit Lakeland.FIT4MOM.com

You can also learn more about upcoming events, including their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY party on 10-10-2019 by visiting their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Not local? Visit FIT4MOM.com to find an amazing group near you.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jan Howard

FIT4MOM Lakeland Mom's working out
FIT4MOM Lakeland Mom’s working out. Photo by FIT4MOM Lakeland.

Sincerely Desirae


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