Podcast Episode 19 – Slowing Down and Alone Time

Podcast Episode 19 – Slowing Down and Alone Time

In our busy modern society typically the idea of slowing down means you’re lazy. Spending time alone may be thought as being lonely. However, both are far from the truth. There is positivity and value in both and today I want to talk about it.

slowing down and alone time
Slowing Down and Alone Time by Desirae Ofori

In this episode “Slowing Down and Alone Time”:

  • Sharing a personal journal entry about being comfortable with being alone.
  • Allowing yourself to not be at “all the things” i.e. missing out on friend and family events.
  • Getting caught up in the hustle and busy life.
  • Learning how to not be obsessed with being needed.
  • Learning how to quench your own thirst.
  • Building up your alone time.

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“We get so caught up being needed… we forget our soul, our mind, our spirit says, ‘I need you too'”. – Desirae Ofori

Sincerely DesiraeIf you need some ideas for what to do in your alone time check out this blog post – 25 “Me Time” Tips by Real Women. 

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