Podcast Episode 18 – The Truth About Homeschooling

Podcast Episode 18 – The Truth About Homeschooling

Today’s Podcast episode is with my college friend, Audrey Shehane. Audrey is a wife, and homeschooling mom of three (12, 10, and 7). Their families homeschool journey began over 6 years ago when she made the hard decision to remove her eldest son from public school in the middle of Kindergarten.

Why Homeschooling? In the beginning, Audrey says, that she didn’t want to keep her son sheltered from the world, but made the decision based on academic problems.  She says, “I didn’t want [my son] to be held back from being all that he could be. I wanted to give him an education that was catered towards him and that really suited his strengths.”  Audrey also said that the decision to homeschool was a hard and scary decision because she didn’t have a teaching degree.

Podcast Episode 18 The Truth About Homeschooling
Podcast Episode 18 – The Truth About Homeschooling with Audrey Shehane


Today, Audrey talks about how to get started, homeschool myths, curriculum options, integrating private school for extracurricular activities, parenting and teaching her children with ADHD, tips on scheduling, a ton of resources, and more! She also talks about the importance of having a Homeschool Mentor. We end the episode with Audrey sharing some valuable encouragement for every parent whether homeschooling or not.

Click below, to listen and don’t forget to share this episode with your friends and families with school-aged children, who may also be considering homeschooling.

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast:




HEAV.org (Home Educators Association of Virginia)


Christian Homeschoolers Educating Children (CHEC)

Christian Liberty Press

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

My Father’s World (geared for teaching multiple school grades)

EZ Peasy All-In-One Homeschool

Facebook Groups

Homeschooling Around the World

Home Schooling in the U40 (Assemblies of God Pastor’s Wives)

Homeschooling with Netflix

Netflix Educational Series

The Who Was Show

Audrey Shehane and Family
Audrey Shehane and her family. Photo by Jessica Austin Photography


“There is no perfect home school. There is no perfect parent. There is no perfect child. I am not perfect but the Lord called me to be my children’s parent. He’s not going to call me to that job without giving me the tools I need to be that parent that they need.” – Audrey Shehane

If you’d like to connect with Audrey you can do so on Facebook (Audrey Johnson Shehane) or Instagram (oh_sew_crafty_3113)Audrey Shehane



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