Podcast Episode 16 – 9 Lessons I’ve Learned About Marriage

Podcast Episode 16 – 9 Lessons I’ve Learned About Marriage

“If you’re not intentionally trying to have a good marriage, you’re going to accidentally end up in divorce.” – Rob Wilson.

This past May my husband and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. If you’re on social media the typical thing to do on your anniversary is to share some of the reasons why you love them or share a snippet of the ups and downs and why you’re happy to still be together.

For me, I think it’s beautiful – my love language is words of affirmation.  However, for my husband, not so much – well not for social media at least. I believe he prefers affirmations spoken directly to him or in random little notes around his space in the house.


9 Lessons I learned about marriage. Photo of married couple in background.
9 Lessons I Learned About Marriage by Desirae Ofori

So this year I decided, let me write something that still celebrates our Anniversary but can be helpful to others. Because honestly, although many do not care about our mushy-gushy, many do value authentic and helpful advice on marriage. And that’s where the idea of sharing what I’ve learned about marriage came in. I felt this would be more effective. One lesson for each year, plus a bonus – because I like even numbers (insert another shrugging emoji).

In today’s podcast episode I’m resharing these lessons, with a practical example for each one. Below you’ll find each lesson, and then scroll down to listen to the actual podcast.

9 Lessons I Learned About Marriage

1. Your marriage is yours, create your own traditions. 
2. Accountability is good – but consider the source. Who wants to see you win?
3. Make time for fun.
4. Affirm each other’s strengths, and lovingly build each other up in the weak parts.
5. Invest in each other’s ideas, dreams, ambitions.
6. Speak up for and about each other.
7. Focus on how to improve your marriage by improving yourself first.
8. Do something unexpected for your spouse.
9. Keep God at the top and center.
Bonus: Just simply choose to be kind and love each other daily – when you feel like it and when you don’t.

Podcast Episode 16 – 9 Lessons I Learned About Marriage


Hopefully, this exercise will inspire you to do the same on your next social media anniversary post. I wish you all a happy marriage!

Lesson #1 - Your marriage is yours, create your own traditions.

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