Our Truly Mascot Games Experience by Desirae Ofori

Our Truly Mascot Games Experience by Desirae Ofori

Disclosure: This post and experience was sponsored by Truly Nolen. However, all opinions and reviews are based on my personal view.

I remember the morning my son (two years old at the time) woke up with welts and bumps all over his back, bum, and legs from ant bites. A cup was accidentally left in his crib and the ants gravitated to him like bait.

We had recently moved into our new home and didn’t activate any pest control thinking we could handle it on our own. After that incident, we made the call to get protection for our home and our son. For us, pest control is important and something we just can’t afford to not have in place.

The Truth About Truly Nolen

I’ve heard of Truly Nolen, but thought they just handled rodents. But all of that changed last week when the company invited me to attend their two-day blogger event. It’s a beautiful thing when you discover a company that is truly dedicated to serving their employees, clients and most of all their community at large. I found all of this to be true with Truly Nolen Pest Control, a family run and oriented company with honorable core values, where part of their mission is “adding value to the lives we touch”.

This year Truly Nolen was a repeat team sponsor for the 26th Annual Mascot Games presented by Wawa, (Go Team Yellow!) The Mascot Games is an event that benefits New Hope for Kids – an organization that provides grief support groups for kids and their families, plus granting wishes to children with a life-threatening illness.

New Hope for Kids logo | NewHopeforKids.org
Mascot Games logo | MascotGames.org

Day One – Females vs. Males

Day one was spent at the Truly Nolen office in Orlando, Florida along with four other bloggers. We had a fun morning learning about different insects including a variety of ants and termites, their characteristics and the type of damage they can do to a home.

Interesting fact, the worker ants of a colony are all female! Looks like women are just made to be strong and hardworking across the board. Think about that for a second… lol I should’ve asked what the male ants are up to. Here’s one more interesting fact, an ant species known as the big-headed ant (literally it has a big head) are only male.

Live ladybugs in bug catcher jar -Truly Nolen
Ladybugs, waiting to be released after we decorate the jar
Termite Colony - Truly Nolen
A termite colony – There can be 3-5 million termites in one colony

Scott Svenheim, Associated Certified Entomologist (The Expert)

We also had fun learning a dance that will help us remember the difference between an ant and a termite (I think they secretly recorded us, but haven’t seen footage yet, haha). We even had a question and answer session with Truly Nolen’s daughter Scarlette Nolen (President) and Justin Bellet (COO).

One of my favorite parts of the day of course, since I’m an artist, was making these cute bug-catching jars that were filled with live ladybugs! Instead of doing a release at the office, we decided to take them home to show our kids. I never knew that ladybugs are actually helpful to gardens. As mentioned in Truly Nolen’s free downloadable educational bug coloring book,  ladybugs get rid of pests called aphids that eat and destroy plants.

Here is Samson and I releasing the ladybugs at home. 

My second favorite was getting to ride in the Mouse Car to lunch! You can actually schedule for the Mouse Car to visit your child’s school or a homeschooling group along with a free class about insects and pests. You can sign up for it here.

Truly Nolen Mouse Limo and Marty the driver!
Truly Nolen Mouse Limo and Marty the driver!
Truly Nolen Pest Control Mouse Limo
This was so cool to see open and close from within.

Day Two – Mascot Games

As I mentioned before, Truly Nolen was a team sponsor (go yellow go!), for the Mascot Games. What happens at the Mascot Games? It’s a family fun event where 24 professional and collegiate mascots from the U.S. and Canada come together in 4 teams to compete in Olympic-style games.  Before the games, we went to the VIP Mascot Huddle. At the huddle, you had the chance to meet your favorite mascots, take photos, and get their autograph.

Mascot Kingston from Orlando City Soccer Team - Mascot Games 2019
Mascot Kingston from Orlando City Soccer Team
Mascot Captain Fear of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mascot Games 2019
Mascot Captain Fear of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mascot Sebastian of the University of Miami Hurricanes - Mascot Games 2019
Mascot Sebastian of the University of Miami Hurricanes
Truly Nolen Mouse Limo entering the field ahead of Team Yellow's Mascots - Mascot Games 2019
Truly Nolen Mouse Limo entering the field ahead of Team Yellow’s Mascots

There was also a silent auction that included various autographed sports memorabilia.

The Games itself was very exciting, energetic, entertaining and humorous. Feeling the energy of the hosts, the crowd, and the fun characteristics of the mascots, made for a magical event. My son was in awe for most of the event, but towards the end got into the spirit and was truly cheering on our team yellow to victory!

Samson Cole, Mascot Games 2019
My son Samson in complete awe of everything around him.
The Clear Channel Outdoor Joust - Mascot Games 2019
The Clear Channel Outdoor Joust
Truly Nolen Instagram Stories - Sincerely Mrs Mommy - Mascot Games 2019
Truly Nolen Instagram Stories post of our family

If you are in the Central Florida area, I would highly recommend attending next years Mascot Games. It’s for a great cause and a fun time for the entire family. Also, if you’re in need of pest control from a reliable company, who prioritizes a family atmosphere, core values, and taking care of the community, consider Truly Nolen as your choice.  You never know what lies beneath the surface around your home, or in the walls.  So take the necessary precautions to make sure your family and home are safe. Sincerely Desirae

Truly Mascot Games 2019 Experience - Orlando Florida, Truly Nolen, New Hope for Kids, WAWA
Our Truly Mascot Games Experience by Desirae Ofori

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