Podcast Episode 14 – The Mom Boss Life and Faith

Podcast Episode 14 – The Mom Boss Life and Faith

What is a Mom Boss? My definition – A “Mom Boss” is a mom who takes charge of what she’s be given and makes the impossible happen while raising kids at the same time.  Basically, she’s an incredible leader and mom raising kids.

She just does what she’s gotta do, when and however she’s gotta do it.

Sometimes when we experience success in those areas we forget how and who had a hand in helping us get there. News flash it’s not all about us Mom Boss’. We can’t do it all on our own. I believe not only having faith, but leaning on  to your faith in God is vital to maintain success.

Besides, what is success? I felt God show me that success is being able to see the manifestation of God’s promises over your life come to pass. Sure, go ahead and quote me. That one’s free 🙂

If we continue to invite God into our personal lives, home life, careers, business, education, etc. and follow His directions, we’ll be very successful. He has so many incredible things waiting for us.. We just need to keep our eyes on the road, stay in our lanes and get there.

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The Mom Boss Life and Faith
The Mom Boss Life and Faith


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