Podcast Episode 13: Prayer for the Mom Who’s Struggling

Podcast Episode 13: Prayer for the Mom Who’s Struggling

This morning we were almost in a head on collision as I turned my head to the back seat to verbally discipline my eldest. I immediately was drawn to pray over myself and my children. Then after felt God pressing me to share a prayer for all the other mom’s and caregivers who find themselves struggling as well. After dropping him off to school, I sat in a parking lot, recorded the prayer on my phone and turned it into podcast episode 13. Click here.

Prayer for the Mom Who's Struggling
Prayer for the Mom Who’s Struggling

I’ve also been led to share a daily prayer for the month of June. Those will be posted on my YouTube page. I have no idea what I’ll pray about for 30 days, but God already knows. So, if you’d like, you can submit a prayer request/topic to me I’ll add it to my list. Email me hello@sincerelymrsmommy.com and in the subject line add “Prayer Request”.

Also struggling in your marriage?

If a prayer like today is something you need or love, you can read my Prayers for the Broken Marriage herehere.

Prayers for the Broken Marriage by Desirae Ofori

Thanks for journeying with me as I start a new chapter of being even more authentic and relatable to the Mom Tribe. I’m down for whatever that looks like for me and for you, as I continue to seek God for direction. I’m praying for you! We can do this!


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