A Birth Story: Liana Munoz

A Birth Story: Liana Munoz

Getting pregnant is life-altering. My life was forever changed and I couldn’t go back. I was 19 years young at the time and this would be my first child.

When I got the confirmation I was pregnant, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, like faint or scream from the resounding two lines I saw on that stick. I was staring at it and thinking, “This is it, everything will be different from now on”.

So many changes

Throughout the course of my pregnancy, my body and mind went through quite a bit. Obviously, my stomach was getting bigger, but I was tired a great deal of the time. I actually remember staying in bed and having my fiancé, Dionté, bring me food. Many times, probably almost every day.

Another thing I would get were cravings. My most prevalent craving was pickles. Not sure why, but that was a thing. Opposite of that, I couldn’t stand potatoes for the majority of my pregnancy. Mashed potatoes were the death of me.


Liana Munoz pregnant
Liana and her fiancee Dionté. Photo | Sabrina Graham


Emotionally, I had my highs and lows. I think it was particularly hard for me because I had no family close by; they were across the country. I was aware I had his family, they’re mine practically, but for me, it just wasn’t the same because my immediate family knew how I was. However, Dionté was a big help in all the fears I had. Then before I knew it I was getting closer and closer to my due date wondering when it would finally happen.

Was that my water breaking?

The night my water partially broke was a crazy, chaotic, mind-blowing realization that I’m about to have a baby. The way it happened was probably one of the funniest ways it could happen. We were in the middle of being intimate and then it partly broke. It was honestly a little embarrassing because I real deal thought I peed on him. Actually, never mind, try horrifying. I remember pacing around with a towel in between my legs and still feeling the water coming out. Debating if we should go to the hospital or not, so I decided to call my mom and after getting past the laughter of how it happened, she said to go.

After almost an hour of getting ready and driving to the hospital, I had no idea of what was in store for me. In general, going to hospitals make me nervous, especially if the reason is because of me. Anyway, when we got our room and they were checking me out, seeing if I was dilated, they said they would need to put this type of drug in my IV in order for me to start dilating. I was nowhere near dilated the night we arrived there.

24 hours… and counting

Fast forward about 24 hours later I was finally dilating; at a slow pace. Still better than nothing. For me the hardest part was once the contractions started getting stronger, I dilated more. I can legitimately say that’s the worst part about being in labor. My fiancé was constantly rubbing my back, making sure my pain was as minimal as possible. I also recall really wanting to wait until I was 7 or 8 centimeters dilated to have the epidural put in. However, that didn’t work out because I was so done with them; resulting in me receiving it at 6 centimeters.

After I got that, it was smooth sailing. At least for a little while until I was ready to push. This had to be the most tiring portion because I was pushing a lot. I had my arms holding up my legs and I felt light-headed. It exhaustingly took around 2 and a half hours to push my son out due to him being so high in my stomach. All in all, I was in labor for over 50 hours.



I’m a mom now!

The aftermath of giving birth can be overwhelming. Like “Wow, I have this whole little person to take care of, love, and be responsible for” and “I’m a mom now”. It can be scary, exciting, and just different in the best way possible.

I know that I’m young and probably haven’t experienced life to the fullest, but I don’t regret it. I’m happy that I have such a wonderful son that I can watch grow up. Being young isn’t relevant to being a good parent. You shouldn’t be judged on what age you decide to have kids. In the most simplest terms, “You do you”.


Liana, her fiancee Dionte and Baby Devaun
Liana, her fiancee Dionté and Baby Devaun

Sincerely, Liana

A Birth Story Liana Munoz
A Birth Story by Liana Munoz

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