Podcast Episode 11 – How to Build a Healthy Friendship with Your Child

Podcast Episode 11 – How to Build a Healthy Friendship with Your Child

“Have you ever heard people say “I am not my child’s friend, I am their parent?” Or you are also of that school of thought? If you are, please hear me out. Perhaps the biggest problem with that statement is your definition of “friend.” – Remi Makanjuola, Grace to Parent

“One day your child will make a mistake or a bad choice and run to you instead of from you, and in that moment, you will know the immense value of peaceful, positive, respectful parenting.”- L.R. Knost


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This week is the final topic in our Parenting series for the month of April on SincerelyMrsMommy.com and the best way to end it, is in a podcast episode. Today we have Remi Makanjuola, who is the founder of Grace to Parent, a platform with practical parenting tools and resources that empower you to joyfully raise children that have a desire to please God.

In this episode we discuss her Refresh and Thrive Newsletter from April 17th, that discussed the views and value of a parent-child friendship. Remi goes on to explain what a non-diluted friendship truly is and how it looks in parenting, marriage and our daily platonic relationships.


Remi Mankanjuola, Founder of Grace to Parent
Remi Mankanjuola, Founder of Grace to Parent | Instagram

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Desirae Ofori
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