Podcast Episode 9 – A New Way to Parent: Mindful Conscious Parenting

Podcast Episode 9 – A New Way to Parent: Mindful Conscious Parenting

I came across this viral article on Facebook:  School Replaces Detention With Meditation and Has Astounding Results by Puja Shah and it sparked my interest.  I posted this article and a question to the Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy Facebook Page,

“Imagine trying something like this at home with your children? Do any of you practice yoga, mindfulness, or meditation?”

Low and behold a long time friend Tyeisha Duhart replied to my question:

“Yes, yes and yes lol to all of it! I just say it’s mindful/conscious parenting and it was my way of life that just permeated my parenting style and even with other children I come in contact with, I find that approach to be more useful and effective than conventional methods … I could go on and on lol”

Ding Ding Ding!

Tyeisha Duhart
Tyeisha Duhart


For every parenting style, there are a million other opinions on which is the best. My recent prayer has been to parent smarter not harder. How can I parent in a way that my children learn to be wise with their decisions, emotionally intelligent, respectful and kind human beings? It seems like a lot to ask.

I wanted to learn more about Tyeisha’s style of Mindful Conscious parenting.  So, I invited her to the podcast and she accepted!

Beautiful Black Family - Tyeisha Duhart
Tyeisha, her fiancee and their two children.


This episode turned out to be a great eye opener, and thought-provoking on the way I would like to approach parenting. Tyeisha explains what Mindful Conscious parenting actually looks like with little children and even how she’s used it with her 9-year-old nephew, and the positive effect it has had on him. 

Follow the link below to listen to the podcast:

Podcast Episode 9 – A New Way to Parent: Mindful Conscious Parenting

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If you’d like to reach out to Tyeisha, you can do so through FacebookThanks again Tyeisha!

Desirae Ofori

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A New Way to Parent: Mindful Conscious Parenting
A New Way to Parent: Mindful Conscious Parenting

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