A Birth Story: Symantha Kight

A Birth Story: Symantha Kight

Birth. So here is the thing. It is actually hard!

I had my first child at 16 years old. I thought it was easy to do. I was also young, super healthy, and super active.

Second child, I had him when I was 21 years old. I had been married for a few years at this time and was still very much active during my pregnancy.

Here we are to present day. I am almost 26 years old and I almost died giving birth.

“Something was NOT right.”

I was on bedrest most of my pregnancy due to complications. Also, I was high risk because I have had 14 miscarriages and only 2 live births at that point.

Germany Baby Heartbeat Monitor
The last photo I have of the required 30-minute heartbeat monitor sessions they have here in Germany. You do them before every appointment to make sure your baby is okay. This was the chair they picked me up out of during labor.


Basically, I woke up at 4am on the 18th of February. I didn’t feel right. My husband told me I was having contractions in my sleep.

I went to pee to relieve myself. More intense pain. I tried to walk around. More intense pain… I tried to lay down. More intense pain.

I called my friend to let her know I am sending my boys to her house so we could rush to the hospital.

Something was NOT right.

“Passing in and out.”

We called the hospital to make sure they had a room available. The car ride over I was passing out. We got out of the car… and I was passing out.

Wheelchair to the rescue. So much pain. My husband was running me down the hall.

I went up to the 2nd floor where they checked to see if I was dilated. Pain. 2cm dilated. How? 10 is when you give birth.

Pain. So much pain.

I passed out and apparently bit my husband through his two jackets and caused him to bruise and welt. I was in so much pain. I was rushed to another room so they could see the baby’s heartbeat.

It is supposed to be above 110 beats per minute (bpm). Pain, passing out and cursing. It was 80bpm. More pain. They shook my belly around to wake her up. I almost hit the lady when she did that. Pain.

People running around. Pain. Passing in and out. I was laying down in a recliner and they picked me up without putting down the chair. Pain.

Two people rushed walked me (with one person on each side holding me up) to the operating room down the hall.

So much pain. Passing in and out. I got certain glimpses of the room and some people. Legs up, pants whipped off in a scurry. Gas mask on my face. My shirt was still on while they cleaned my stomach. Pain.

“Is my baby okay?”

Out after 10 seconds… I woke up in a daze. Pain. Is my baby okay?

“Your baby is fine and is with your husband.” Touches my belly to see if I was still pregnant. The medicine is so strong at this point and I can’t open my eyes.

Starting to come to. Realizing my baby is okay after asking so many times if she was. “Does she have hair?”

I was in the ICU and she was upstairs in the baby thing. “We don’t know.” Passes out.

Wakes up. “Does she have hair?” Passes out. Wakes up. My husband came into the room with the baby.


Emergency C Section Recovery
Photo of me coming out of surgery, still in a drug fog.


I hear her cry. I see her and don’t recognize anything about her. Pain. Passes out. Wakes up. Breastfeeds her. Passes out. Moved to another room.

Given food. I have pain still, but now we are all better and I am healing. It was super traumatic and I am only 24 hours after birth writing this, but they took great care of us.

“I would do it all again…”

I am still in pain because I had an emergency c-section. They had to clean out my insides because she pooped herself in the womb. I kept passing out because the poop (meconium) started to cause an infection. That in turn, along with my uterus contracting wrong (only half of itself), was killing me slowly.

I got so lucky I felt the need to go into the hospital because something felt wrong. I am so thankful for the people who made that decision for me to do the C-section.

Without them, I would not be here and neither would my little Aurora. Even after all of that, I would do it again just to see her happy and healthy.

Just to see my husband’s face overcome with the immense joy of being able to hold his child and know she is okay. I would do it all again for her in a heartbeat.

“Trust your instincts”

So never give up on your happy ending, trust your instincts, and realize there is a tomorrow to look forward to.

Family of 3 after emergency c section
Me just waking up from coming out of the surgery 3 hours later (us as a small family).


Symantha Kight

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