Podcast Episode 4 – The Meaning of True Love in Marriage by Mildred Greer

Today on the Podcast we have a very very special guest! My very own Grandmother, Mildred Greer! You may have read her blog post story on Grandma Knows Best: Wisdom for Life by Mildred Greer. But if not, definitely check it out.

Since that blog post, her husband, my Grandfather, Rev. Thomas Greer, Sr. has passed away. Last week during the funeral repass (dinner & gathering after the funeral), my Grandmother took the stage to share her thoughts and testimony with some incredibly valuable advice on how she was able to stay married for 65 years!

Her story is totally transparent about their ups and downs, how they managed to care for 6 children even though he was (as he described himself) “a poor pentecostal pastor not working for a salary”, and becoming his primary caregiver in the last couple of years with Dementia.

You also get to hear how her faith has literally been the backbone throughout their entire marriage.

I don’t want to give up too much more, so just go ahead and follow the link below or tune in on your favorite podcast listening platform.

And to my Grandmother – Mama Dear – words cannot describe how grateful I am for you! You are a rare gem. I love you so much! Get ready girlfriend, this is just the beginning. – Desi


The Meaning of True Love in Marriage with Mildred Greer



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