Mom Boss: How to Be a Productive Stay at Home Mom

Mom Boss: How to Be a Productive Stay at Home Mom

At the beginning of the year I became a full time Work at Home Mom (WAHM), while my son continued at daycare so I could work on my business. Then, in August after our second son was born, I became a full-time Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). 

Quickly I found myself struggling to stay motivated, on task, and productive. More times than not, I ended the day feeling confused on whether or not I was truly successful with house work and my businesses. Hence, one of the many reasons why my three year old is still in daycare. 

I have definitely struggled in the juggle of being a stay/work at home mom. 

So, recently I decided to ask my mom friends on Facebook and Instagram, for advice. The most common theme was to keep a schedule and routine. Read on to discover all of their real-life tips, and see if one or two may work out for you. 

Schedules, Routines, and Planning

Melissa: “I stayed home with the kids when they were two and three years old for a year. I would say the best thing I was able to do for myself and them was to make a schedule. Not just a to-do list, but actually start at 8 AM and go from that point. I found myself being more productive and actually being able to spend more quality time with them when I had everything planned out.”

Syreeta: “Work from home/stay at home mom here. I also home school our kids. From what’s for dinner to what lessons to teach. It’s all planned ahead or the night before.”

Jasmine: “Re-centering myself each morning helps me to have a more productive day. Also getting clothes ready on Sunday. And creating a zero based schedule. It’s the same concept as a zero based budget. Where all of your money has a home? So basically all of your time is allocated. No matter what it is, there’s a slot in my schedule for everything. It’s very specific. By the end of it, your schedule should be completely filled. Even with things such as dropping kids off, cooking times, bath times, bed time etc.”

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Doctor: “As a current work from home mom, creating a schedule and living by it helps tremendously. If someone asks me two weeks from now on Monday what I will be doing at 10 a.m., I will say washing clothes and working on getting dinner started.”

Tia: “My number one tip for being a Stay at Home Mom, whether the children are older or whether they are toddlers, is to implement routine. I was a SAHM once with [my first child] when he was a baby up until he was about 2 years old. Implementing routine was a life saver for me, for my peace of mind. Routine does very well with children, it causes them to be more responsible and more timely as they grow older. Keep a routine, like nap-time, lunch-time, play-time, silent reading-time. Make a routine, it becomes their norm, it becomes your norm, and when you do this, you’ll have time for ME TIME, and time to work on personal dreams and goals.”

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Mimi: “What helped me most when staying at home and homeschooling was keeping a schedule. Also, believe it or not getting ready for the day as if I were going to the office. What I mean by that is getting up and getting dressed, not staying in PJs. It helps with not dragging your day out.”

Brontie: “I was a stay at home mom for 8 years. Being organized and following a schedule was a must!!”

Kiva: “My best SAHM advice is to familiarize yourself with the local libraries activities. They offer FREE activities for kids of all ages throughout the week & weekends. It’s a great way to get out of the house and not worry about expenses. Plus you can meet other SAHM’s and learn about other local activities and mom groups to join.”

Stephanie: “Tips for a smoother/successful day – 1. Plan your days in advanced to include scheduled nap & bed times 2. Meal plan weekly & prep as much as you can ahead of time.”

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Sherria: 1. A load of laundry EVERY day. No matter how small. Wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away. Sometimes I even start adding to the machine the night before or throughout the day, so in the morning I just have to start the machine. This way you are never stressed by having so much to do. 2. Wal-Mart pick up. Tell me why you aren’t using it yet and I’ll give you a reason to start haha. 3. Get out of the house!!! Leaving the house does NOT have to cost you money. Check for sites like Fun4USKids or even your public library to see what there is to do. Find a local group such as MOPS. Facebook mom groups often exist for your town. If not, why don’t you be the one to start one! 4. Schedule play groups, meet up times for coffee and crafts. Socialize those littles AND yourself. Find your village. 5. I do agree with scheduling. I don’t schedule our day to the letter but I know where we will be when, when we are available for play dates and when we are not. 6. Encourage independence in your kids. The more they do, the less you have to – in theory. Let them help cook and clean up their mess from doing so. Let them dress themselves, put away their shoes, and make their beds. Teach them to fold kitchen towels and washcloths. Involve them! 7. Establish tv times. My kids know they can watch tv the moment I start cooking dinner, or after their morning list is complete. This way you aren’t battling them begging for it all day long. 

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Are you a Stay at Home Mom Boss who can relate to this? Have you found other ways to help you stay focused? Share them below in the comments. I’d love to read them!

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