The Secret to Fulfilling Your Dreams by Michelle Morton

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Dreams by Michelle Morton

Young girl who sat up at night and had dreams so big it pounded through her heart. It was even loud enough to wake her up every night.

All she could imagine was one day stepping up on a platform or stage to use her voice to bring change and healing to a world of young girls and women just like her.

Her dream seemed unimaginable, but as time grew on those dreams would not allow her to rest. She could not escape her dreams even with life’s hardships and difficulties. She had many short comings and flaws that would try to keep her from her destiny, but by faith she chose to go beyond fear.

She learned that her faith and determination would be the very thing that would propel her to reach her dreams.

You see loves this young girl was me.

My name is Michelle Morton, Founder of As She Speaks Coaching, also; therapist, poet, advocate, and women’s empowerment coach.

I can’t explain to you how much my dreams shaped and molded me into the person I am today.

All these things did not come easy to me. I worked hard and overcame many insecurities and fears.

Continuously, I had to remind myself that to fulfill my dreams I had to look beyond my current situations. I struggled continuously. It even seemed like failure was attacking my dreams at times. In actual reality, failure was the fuel that kept me fighting until I saw fruit bearing from my dreams.

Growing up I struggled when it came to my education. I would often hear people tell me WHAT I COULD NOT DO. I learned by faith to see WHAT I MUST DO.

How Are You Thinking?

When we find ourselves in a place of hardship, disbelief and hopelessness we sometimes mentally tell ourselves what we Can’t Do! This is called Distortive Thinking.

Cognitive Distortion - Source Wikipedia.

Cognitive Distortion – Source

When our thoughts are negative it will have a major impact on our thinking. We have enough people in the world who will try to bring us down, why would we do that to ourselves? I want to challenge you to think of what your distortive thinking patterns are.

Challenge yourself to write them down and then go through the list one by one and replace each thought with a positive life changing thought. I truly believe the vision we have of ourselves is a determining factor of how far we will go.

Quote I feel like making dreams come true

I will tell you when I was younger I constantly said, “One day I’m going to help young girls and women.” I said this almost every day. That saying and vision I had eventually came to life. I saw the vision even as a child!

Imagine it, a child having such a powerful vision. If a child can have a vision, why can’t we as adults have one?

Regardless of your role, single, married, mother, working; however, it may look your life is not over! You have breath still in your lungs! This means you still can see your vision come to life. We can never get to a place where we think we can’t do something. We allow doubt and fear to be our belief system.

I want to encourage you today! Now is your time my sister! The valley has over shadowed you for some time, now it’s time for you to climb to the mountain top. As the song goes “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough To Keep Me From You”. Sing this to your dreams honey!

I know what you’re wondering at this point. What is the secret to fulfilling your dreams? This is the secret.. consistency! When you are consistent you will see fruit bearing! Consistency can be completed several different ways.

Time to Get SMART

The following are tips I have found to be successful: setting a plan, having goals and accountability!

One way to approach your goals is to have SMART GOALS. Make sure that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely!

SMART Goals – Source

Structure and balance are highly important. Time management is a must also. We all have busy lives, but it should never get so busy that we aren’t paying attention to ourselves.

How many times have we said I’ll get to that next week? That next week turns into years. Then we grow bitter and upset that we never fulfilled our goals. We must FIGHT to find the time! I know that I had to fight.

Instead of walking there were times I had to run. That may mean nights of staying up late or sacrificing activities! We can not leave this earth without fulfilling our callings. There are many unpublished authors, entrepreneurs, potential doctors and writers in the grave.

Do you want to continue burying who you were created to be? Do you want to live and to the fullest? Now is that time!

I believe that when we train ourselves to say YES, I CAN we will defeat doubt, kill fear and step over failure. You were created for more!

My life’s goal is to empower women to become who they are called to be! Our time and year is now! Let’s get to work!

This is the year of YES, I CAN! It is possible for you to rise and become that woman you long to be! I’m telling you it’s possible!

There were times I thought I would never get a bachelor’s degree, and I did! Then I said if I can do this I can get a master’s degree! I did that too! Even with the stumbling blocks, setbacks, disbelief, sadness and insecurities! I saw that vision and it kept my dreams alive! I knew that my voice needed to be heard and today it is being heard!

Change is the game plan! You are somebody! It is time for you to come out of that valley and start climbing up that mountain!

Michelle Morton is the Founder of As She Speaks Coaching, full time therapist and poet. She is dedicated to helping impact the lives of young girls and women across the world. She uses her experiences to uplift and heal women. Her focus is to help women become who they are meant to be and impact future generations to come.

If you’re in the Central Florida area, you can join Michelle for a night of women empowerment at As She Speaks Coaching Official Launch!

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