Celebrate Every Small Victory by Desirae Ofori

Celebrate Every Small Victory by Desirae Ofori

I recently saw a quote that said to “Celebrate Every Small Victory”. And I told myself I would, next time I hit a new milestone on SincerelyMrsMommy.com

As of this weekend we hit over 30,000 views since going independent on this website last year. I started the blog in 2016. And the best part? Well over half of that number has come this year alone… and we still have about 6 weeks left in the year!

To some big timer bloggers, this is a “small” victory, but truly it’s a big deal to me.

This blog has grown so much since the first post. I always knew I wanted it to evolve into more than “just another mom blog”. But to see what I’ve ,we’ve, been able to accomplish this year alone? Sis/Bro, it’s incredible to me!

So, thank you for stopping in. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting, the private messages of how the blog and the stories have touched your lives.

I just want to take it back, to the very first blog post here -> Let Go and Let that Mama Flow.

Mother and Son
Desirae Ofori and Baby Samson

I’m so tempted to edit it to the standard of how I format my posts now. But I know in a year that will change again, because why? Growth! I keep learning and implementing new things.

Besides it’s kinda nostalgic to see the transformations.

I hope when you go back and read my first blog post, that it inspires you as a Mom to let go and believe in yourself again. A reminder that you have what it takes.

I also hope that as you reflect back with me, to see where I started and am now, that it’ll inspire you to let go and allow your inner dreams to flow. Dreams need a place to flourish outside of your head.

Celebrate Every Small Victory
Celebrate Every Small Victory by Desirae Ofori

So go for it, you have to start somewhere to get any where. You don’t have to have it all figured out. The details will come. Just leave room and grace for yourself to flex with it.

If you think it, you can achieve it. And don’t forget to celebrate all the small victories, because they add up!

I’m ready to hit the 50,000 mark then 100,000 mark… and not just over the span of a year. I’m shooting for monthly views to hit those numbers. It can happen! It will happen 😉

Thanks again 30,000 times over!

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