The Emotionally Well Mom by Krystal Clayton

The Emotionally Well Mom by Krystal Clayton

I’ve been going through this journey of renewing my mind. It’s not easy but it’s so rewarding.

One thing I know for sure is that it has set me on a path to emotional wellness. A path that is required in motherhood. This path required dropping bad habits, getting rid of negativity, eliminating toxic relationships and ending cycles. It has propelled me into creating a non-toxic, wholesome, holistic life.

It all started with a “come to Jesus” moment during my marriage counseling session.

While I was listening to my pastor through the tears, she helped me to realize that my life was going in cycles because I still had unforgiveness in my heart. Unforgiveness was filling my heart with horrible things. So, this explained why I couldn’t move forward in life. Every time I took steps forward, I would go backward. I finally understood that the seed of unforgiveness that was planted as a child was in control of my emotions. The roots and weeds of the seed were suffocating the fruit that needed to grow.

My heart physically hurt when I really realized the issue that I was having. I didn’t know what to do or say for 2-3 hours after the session was over but I knew it was time for me to take action.

The Emotionally Well Mom by Krystal Clayton


The first thing I did was release the unforgiveness. I asked God for forgiveness. I made sure that I spent time with God through his word and prayer every day.

I forgave myself for allowing myself to go through this. I forgave myself for the hurt and pain that I had caused in my own life.

I asked for forgiveness from my husband, my children, and everyone that I hurt through the unforgiveness that I was dealing with.

After I did this, I could feel my heart lighten up and the heaviness leave.
From that day forward, I’ve been working on myself and transforming my mind. I started to understand that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and that I had the mind of Christ.

To sum all of this up, I had to say yes to God. I wanted to be emotionally well and I knew God was the only one that could help me get there.

I want to leave you with my personal devotional that got me through this time. Take time to sit with God. Talk to him and be sure to open up your heart to receive your healing.


Devotional created by Krystal Clayton


Remember to glow, affirm yourself and do what makes you happy because you can’t pour from an empty cup, mom!

Krystal Clayton

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