Our Birth Story by Desirae Ofori

Our Birth Story by Desirae Ofori

Written by Desirae Ofori. This is the Birth Story of our second child, our son, Kingston Zaide.

When my Doctor checked me the week before at my 38 week appointment, she said I had not dilated at all but was beginning to thin out. I was a little disappointed because for weeks I had been feeling like my body was gearing up. I was growing more and more uncomfortable, and anxious. But then resolved to just enjoy these last days, because becoming a mother of two, life was really about to change.

Little did I know this was the right mindset to have because little Man was on his way sooner than I thought.


Desirae 39 weeks pregnant with her son Samson, two days before delivery.
Desirae 39 weeks pregnant with her son Samson, two days before delivery.


To get a better idea of what kind of birth I was looking forward to, read my 45 Positive Affirmations for a Peaceful Birth and the Special Prayers for My Birth Team.

Braxton Hicks… Maybe?

August 15, 2018 – 39 Weeks, 3 Days

2AM: I woke up around 2am to what I thought were just Braxton Hicks contractions along with some period cramp-like pain. I had been having Braxton Hicks for several weeks, and usually didn’t think much of it. Typically, it was more uncomfortable than it was painful. I went to the restroom and discovered blood in my underwear. After I calmed my nerves and did a little Google search – I came to the conclusion it was just my bloody show. Perhaps my mucus plug would come at some point that day or the next few days. Because that’s what happened with my first son. So I told Sam about it, cleaned up, and got back in bed.

Between my initial wake-up and around 6:30AM when Sam was getting ready for work, I had a few more contractions. They were strong enough to know that I couldn’t drive Samson to daycare, but I didn’t think I was in active labor. I figured they’d go away and I’d be fine. I told Sam he could go ahead to work, which is an hour away.

My new blog post about the new hospital building went live and I made posts on Instagram and Facebook about it. Priorities right? I also asked my Mom to make me a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (2 bags in a cup).


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I spent time in bed looking up relaxing jazz instrumentals to create a labor playlist. At times I would get up or sit on my birth ball swaying my hips in wide circles to move through the contractions. I started to time them, but they were inconsistent, and sometimes would waver off. The same thing happened a couple of days before Samson was born. So again, this couldn’t be the real thing, right??

Mid-morning, I had a bowl of cereal and tried to get more rest. However, every couple of hours, when the contractions returned, they’d come back a little stronger and feel a bit different than the ones before.

I text and spoke to my friend out in California, Melesssa Austin who is a Doula. She asked me if it was baby time – I told her maybe in a night or two and explained how I was feeling. She gave me some pointers, encouraged me and also told me to give Sam her number in case I got to a point where I couldn’t talk. Before we got off the phone, she prayed the sweetest, most encouraging prayer that I needed at that moment.

Let’s Get Moving

1:30PM: I asked my mom and sister to walk down the block with me because I needed to keep moving. I used Samson’s stroller as my walker, stopping every few minutes to pause, breathe and sway when a contraction came. Once I came back to the house, I took a shower, ate lunch, and went back to my room. This time, I think it was what I ate that set me off (Salmon, rice, and Fritos) – because my stomach started to hurt and I frequented the bathroom. Every time I sat on the toilet I felt more pressure. I was looking for the feeling to poop because they say that’s when you know you have to push. But I only felt pressure like I had to pee and couldn’t. Then when I would stand and the contractions got stronger the swaying in circles no longer worked. I had my mom make me another cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea (2 bags in a cup) and tried to get some rest, but couldn’t.

4:00PM: My Sister left to pick up Samson and I asked her to stop by Target to get a new diffuser for the hospital. She asked if she would have enough time to do both, and I said yes. I also texted a friend to pray for me because the contractions were getting stronger, but I didn’t want to go into labor because I wanted to make it to my OB appointment the next day (still not thinking this is the real thing). I even text Sam and told him that the contractions were getting stronger. He said he’d be leaving work soon.

It was about 6pm when Sam made it back home, and I told him I think we need to call the Doctor’s office just in case. The contractions were now 3-5 minutes apart. But I was still reluctant to go to the Hospital because I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I didn’t want to be turned away if I wasn’t dilated enough. Yet, I called the On-call Doctor anyway and midway talking, I could barely speak because the contractions were so strong. The Doctor said to go ahead to the hospital just to check where I was. Sam started to pack up the car and let my Sister and Mom know. When my Mom came into the room to help me I was hunched over the bathroom counter. I asked her to ask my sister if she had an eyebrow pencil so I could do my brows on the way. My mom said, “Huh? Your eyebrows??” Again, priorities LOL

Our Birth Story by Desirae Ofori
Our Birth Story by Desirae Ofori


6:30PM: We’re in the car headed to the hospital, and Sam calls his Sister to tell her we’re on the way, but not to rush because we have time. I multitasked to track my contractions on my pregnancy app and work on my brows quickly, only to pause to breathe, and deeply moan through the contractions. I finish my brows right when I basically enter into another world. Looking back, this is probably when I entered the transition stage. I couldn’t speak, my eyes were closed and I just focused on the contractions. Sam then calls Melesssa to tell her what’s going on. I did manage to ask him to put her on speaker so I can hear her. She coached and encouraged both Sam and me, then prayed another great prayer for us. At this point, the contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and we pull into the hospital parking lot.

7:00PM: Before getting out the car, I managed to track one more contraction. I know we didn’t have time to park, so Sam grabs a wheelchair and wheels me in while my Sister parks the car. The security guard sees me and waves for us to go by, and we make it upstairs to the Mother Baby Unit. The registration lady asks us why we’re there, and I come to a little bit (I’m sure I gave a dirty look) and think why in the world do you think we’re here?? Clearly, I’m in labor! I think I mumbled something, but not sure what.

Yes, finally it sunk in that this baby is definitely on his way. We (Sam) answers as much as he can, and someone else comes and wheels me to the Triage room. They comment on how well I’m handling the contractions, and that I’m doing well. I tell them I’m sorry if I pee all over the bed because I feel a lot of pressure. They say it’s okay, and help me onto the bed. Sam comes into the room, right when they are about to check me. Sam said the Nurse had a stunned look on her face and finally says she’s 8-9CM dilated. I breathe out, THANK YOU JESUS! The Nurse says “Now, that’s how you have a baby! Let’s go!” At this point, the intensity of the contractions was overtaking me. They help me change my clothes and wheel me to the labor and delivery room.

7:13PM: According to my hospital records this is when I was officially admitted. When we get to the labor and delivery room, I can hear people scrambling. I start asking for my mini fan, asking for water, and repeating that I feel like I’m going to throw up. The Nurse says, it’s normal and you might. My sister runs back to the car to grab my hospital bag with my mini fan and made it back in record time! The Nurse asks me if I want some Gas (Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas). I heavily breathe/grunt YES! That gas is from heaven! I had to focus on administering as each contraction came. It took the edge off, making contractions feel shorter than they really were. I then got the urge to push and they check me again. I’m 9.5 CM! More scrambling in the room.

Someone puts my mini fan on the bed rail, I get a few sips of water, and I’ve got my happy gas – Let’s do this! I remember them telling me to scoot straight because I kept pushing my body sideways. Sam held one leg, and the Nurse held the other. I also remember them saying how strong I was and could gather that they were trying really hard to keep me in place, so the Hospital Midwife could check me again. All this time my water had not broken, but they could see the bag filling out, so she popped it and I felt the gush, and then more intense pain.

I kept in mind what pushing was like for Samson – and knew that I wouldn’t make another two-hour push session. So I focused in and with all the intensity of the contractions my entire body was pushing with me. I could hear everyone cheering me on, including Sam and my Sister, repeatedly telling me, “You’ve got this!” Second push he crowned. Third push, his head was out and they saw the cord was wrapped around his neck and was able to pull it over. 7:28pm fourth push, Kingston was out and on my chest.

Desirae, Sam and Baby Kingston Post Delivery. Photo by: Crystal Johnson
Desirae, Sam and Baby Kingston Post Delivery. Photo by: Crystal Johnson


7:40PM: I look up at the clock and asked what time did we get to the hospital. Sam said around 7PM, and they tell me Kingston was born about 7:30PM – I was in total shock! SO you mean within 30min of arriving to the hospital he was born? Like, seriously we almost didn’t make it to the hospital! My dream came true! I labored at home how I wanted in peace without chaos, no-one hovering over me, and made it to the hospital just in time to deliver. Wowwww, like WOWWW!!!

When I finally come back to my “senses” after the delivery, the Midwife checked me and said wow no tears! When they first introduced her right before the birth, they said she was the Hospitalist. So I asked her, oh you’re the Hospitalist, and she said she’s one of the Hospital Midwives. She did the delivery because there was no time to call my OB. I could’ve cried right there… I’ve always wanted a Midwife!


Kingston Zaide's Birth Announcemet
Kingston Zaide’s Birth Announcemet. Photo by : Crystal Johnson


Needless to say for several hours, heck days after I was in shock of what happened and how it happened. Nearly three weeks later, and I’m just coming down from that high. I have another baby, I had a quick natural delivery, I didn’t tear, an amazing Birth Team including a Doula via phone and we’re both safe and healthy! I am in awe and feel SO BLESSED! Thank You God!

Some Encouragement

You can have the birth you desire. Just believe, affirm your birth, and trust the process. Surround yourself with those who will support you. Don’t give up on yourself. Even if things change, there is always a blessing in sight. The miracle of birthing a baby Earthside is a huge blessing of it’s own. Everything else, is just icing on the cake. 

Welcome to the world baby boy! Kingston (Kings Town) Zaide (Increase/Surplus) – Our royal increase from Heaven!

Desirae Ofori
Desirae Ofori, Founder of SincerelyMrsMommy.com

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