Breastfeeding 101: Baby’s Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori

Breastfeeding 101: Baby’s Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori

Written by Desirae Ofori. Originally posted July 29, 2016.

I’m a big advocate of “Baby’s Gotta Eat”! You are the Mama and you know what’s best for you and your child. Sometimes, Mama’s have the choice to breastfeed and sometimes they don’t. Although I’m pro-breastfeeding, I’m not into shaming any Mother who hasn’t or isn’t able to breastfeed. I just wanted to get that out there first, so you don’t feel pressured either way. Whether you nurse, pump, supplement with formula, or use 100% formula, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. That “baby’s gotta eat”! If you’re feeding your baby and giving them the best nutrients you can, you are doing a phenomenal job! You’ve already won half the battle.

Three years ago, when asked if I was going to breastfeed, my answer was, “I will pump and feed from a bottle”.  As usual, I have to be honest. I just couldn’t understand how a woman could separate nursing from “sexy time”. I thought there would be a criss-cross in my brain. Weird, I know. I guess I could blame it on our over-sexed society, my ignorance at the time, or not having access to other breastfeeding women who could “school” me different. However, thankfully I dived into the breastfeeding world, and learned as much as I could. My mind was transformed. And no, my brain doesn’t cross the wires, haha!

Breastfeeding 101: Baby's Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori
Breastfeeding 101: Baby’s Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori


One year ago, when asked how long I would breastfeed, my answer was, “I’m not making any promises to no one, I’m just taking it one day at a time”. I knew how difficult the start of breastfeeding could be, and that challenges beyond my control may come along. I didn’t want to set myself up for major disappointment. Now, here I am 13 months later, working on weaning my Samson. I didn’t know I would make it this far, I’m still amazed we made it this far.

My biggest determination to be successful at breastfeeding started from Samson’s first week of life. He was three days old and down 9% out of the allowed 10% of his birth weight. One of the Pediatrician’s told me, if you can just make it to the 4th day, your milk will come in. She then demonstrated how to successfully nurse him, keep him awake during feeds, and showed my husband Sam how he could help me.

Breastmilk pumped on Day 6 of our Breastfeeding journey.
Breastmilk pumped on Day 6 of our Breastfeeding journey. Photo by Desirae Ofori.

Our Mom’s were nervous and suggested that I give him formula to help him out. Yet, my gut and determination was set to nurse him back to weight. Don’t worry Grandma’s no shade, or hard feelings. That was the boost I needed to stay on track. I wanted to prove we could do this. The support I received from Sam, the extra boost from the Pediatrician and the cheer squad from my Instagram Mommy community got me through that first week. One week later he was up to 7.12 lbs; he was 8 lbs at birth. We did it! At the final weight check the Pediatrician, said to keep doing what we were doing. I was so happy and so proud! He’s been putting on the weight ever since.

Day 9 of our Breastfeeding Journey, Samson making progress in his weight gain.
Day 9 of our Breastfeeding Journey, Samson making progress in his weight gain. Photo by Desirae Ofori.


Knowing how challenging it can be, yet so rewarding, I want to extend that support to you Mama. If you’re a loved one of someone who is trying or thinking about breastfeeding, I want to help you extend support. I will be doing a series of posts about breastfeeding. They will include products, tips, lessons, online resources and advice from other Mom’s on what has worked for them.

We ended up having to supplement with formula, so I’ll also post about that decision and the amazing formula that worked for us. Remember, at the end of the day… Baby’s gotta eat! Let’s get that baby fed and let’s keep Mama supported!!

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Breastfeeding 101: Baby's Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori
Breastfeeding 101: Baby’s Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori

7 thoughts on “Breastfeeding 101: Baby’s Gotta Eat by Desirae Ofori

  1. What an amazzing read!! I believe the Lord brought me to this to comfort me and ease my mind I’m not alone out there! This is so encouraging THANK YOU!

    1. Aww that makes my heart smile! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next set of posts! Thanks so much for reading. Remember, there’s always someone out there who relates to whatever you’re going through in this journey. You’re never alone 😊💜

  2. Hi! Great read! We have actually met. I am Tracey and my sister is Felicia (from High school). I have a baby boy who is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding is definitely the hardest! We have been pushing through and I will be reading your posts for tips and support! Thanks for the info!

    1. Yes I remember! Congratulations, that’s so awesome! Yes, breastfeeding is very hard, but the rewards of it makes it worth it. Easier said than done, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go exactly how you imagined or hoped for it to go. Just continue doing your best, research tips to help and keep loving that sweet baby boy. You can friend me on Facebook or Instagram if you have more questions or just want some extra support. You can never have too much support lol
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