Mom Boss: How to Attract Hidden Blessings by Desirae Ofori

Mom Boss: How to Attract Hidden Blessings by Desirae Ofori

Written by Desirae Ofori

So, for those of you who are new to my Mom Boss Diary updates here’s a quick recap. I left my job in Social Services and Healthcare the end of December 2017 (read it here). Then I had to make some hard decisions that come with being a Mom Boss (read it here). The last update, I talked about how I found out I was pregnant, the same day I left my job, and all the shock that came with it (read it here).

So, now here we are – almost 6 months into full time Mom Boss life, 7 months pregnant with our 2nd child (another boy!) and the frequent question on my mind of “what’s next!?” This journey continues to be a total faith walk, with surprises around every corner. Since the last update in early March, even MORE has changed – so let’s go back to where it started.

Our gender reveal announcement photo

The Struggle Was Real

After finally, working through the shock of the Pregnancy, I was eager to see some positive changes in my business and the blog. I was beyond ready to start making some money, honey! Considering the cost of prenatal care, and a newborn it put a fire up under me. I was trying to work hard, but my body was struggling to keep up. I had to start listening to my body (and baby) and slow down. Yet, I was afraid to slow-down… remember, money! Plus I didn’t want to waste the days away “relaxing” and napping, it felt counter-productive. But like I said, my body started to give me no choice – and then my attitude and self-talk started to get really negative.

Drowning in Comparison

For a couple of months, I had been feeling forgotten amongst other peers who were having success in their endeavors. Honestly, I was jealous and bitter, thinking I was doing so much for others, when would it be my turn? I was also worn out from working so hard behind the scenes for myself, and feeling like I had nothing to show for it. And then something in my mind and heart shifted.

Time for a Mind Shift

I think it was the middle of March at church during worship that I felt the urge to make some big declarations. It was the same strong, peaceful and confident assurance I felt the Sunday before I found out I was pregnant with our first son Samson. It came with the kind of assurance that everything was going to work out and I needed to declare and truly believe in God’s provision for my season. I felt that whatever I declared and wanted at that moment would happen. If I changed my mindset, heart and expected greater, then my life would change.

So I went for it and declared several larger than life things I wanted to see happen over the next two to three months. Two in particular, was that God would unhide me and that He would create big opportunities and provision for our home.

After that Sunday, my faith increased, the conversations (with myself and others) started to be more positive and I lived in expectation for greatness. And as a result I saw the change in my life, and the opportunities started to flood in. And boy have the last 90 days been something fierce!!

Day 15/15 Day Sweet Self-Love Challenge. My love note to myself.

Hidden Blessings Pouring In

· Increased commissioned work through my art business (DeKelis Custom Art & Designs), making more in one month than I had in the entire past year!
· Featured source on the Dow Jones website talking about what I planned to pack in my hospital bag.
· Featured guest on the Mommifaceted Podcast talking about motherhood and my proudest moment as a woman.
· Featured contributor on Raising Little Disciples, Easter Devotional series where I shared how Jesus was like a friend to me during a rough season in our marriage.
· Served as an official Style Ambassador for PinkBlush Maternity, a popular online maternity store.
· Celebrated my 2 year Blogiversary with
· Had an increase in Blog views of 128% since last year, and a 45% increase in one month.
· Collaborated for a Guest Blog Post swap with the blog Moments of Musing.
· Invited to join in with a county-wide initiative to discuss and collaborate on ways to improve the black maternal health disparity in our county and decrease the number of death among black mothers and their children during and after pregnancy.
· Booked my first maternity modeling and talent job for the largest retailer of maternity apparel in the U.S. (and probably the world), as part of their new campaign to use real mom’s to showcase their apparel and open conversations about pregnancy and motherhood.

And I think that’s it, so far… phew! In less than 90 days folks, 90 DAYS!!

Some of the Features and Opportunities that came up for me in the past 90 days!

I write all of those things out, not to boast, but to serve as a reminder to me and and encouragement to you of what can happen when we change our mindset, pray big, and declare bigger!

Some of my commissioned artwork, my new business cards, and the guest post swap.

Some of those opportunities I sought after with the mindset of “why not me?” and some of those other opportunities sought me out, and again I thought, “sure, why not me?” It’s a testament of the work that I’ve been putting in behind the scenes. The same work I initially felt like I had nothing to show for. It shows me that even in my season of “slow down and rest”, God’s got me covered and these hidden blessings will still find me! It’s also a testament that there are people who are watching me, who may never say a word, but they are taking notes and being inspired! And what do they see? What is my character, how is my integrity, do I remain professional, consistent, am I positive, what can others learn from me and be inspired to do for themselves?

And your private life, what’s on the inside of you and in private reflects volumes on the outside and in public. Not until I changed my inner voice, increased my faith, relaxed and gave control back to God, did I start seeing these dramatic changes. And the year isn’t even over yet, we’re just half-way through!

My Mom Boss Life Saving Reminders

Here are some crucial nuggets that I learned and helped me over the past three months:

1. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone, but to fulfill what God’s given you to do.
2. Done is better than perfect, but sane is better than insane. Don’t overwhelm yourself, caught up with trying to meet all your goals in a short amount of time. Spread it out. Not now doesn’t mean never.
3. God has gifted us with our purpose and visions, and He will help us carry them out. Continue to seek Him and listen to when He says to move, pause, or here’s a better way.
4. Be like Noah – building the ark didn’t make any sense, yet he kept up with what God told him to do. In due time when it began to rain and the floods started it was plain and clear that He truly heard from God. He also didn’t build the ark in one day, it took time. Be obedient, and have faith like Noah. #belikeNoah

I leave you with this reassuring scripture
Isaiah 58:11-12 MSG version:
I will always show you where to go.
I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places—
firm muscles, strong bones.
You’ll be like a well-watered garden,
a gurgling spring that never runs dry.
You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew,
rebuild the foundations from out of your past.
You’ll be known as those who can fix anything,
restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate,
make the community livable again.

Change your mindset, pray big, and declare bigger! Attract those hidden blessings, by letting God lead, and watch your life change!

Desirae Ofori, Founder of

Mom Boss: How to Attract Hidden Blessings by Desirae Ofori


2 thoughts on “Mom Boss: How to Attract Hidden Blessings by Desirae Ofori

  1. Love, love, Loooooove every bit of knowledge shared in this post, Desirae! I too, have struggled with the comparison trap, not realizing it was preventing me from seeing and appreciating all of the blessings I’d already received. It’s so easy to get caught up in timelines and deadlines for success, being miserable the entire time. But I’m learning to stay focused on the good things God has reserved for me IN HIS TIME. It certainly takes a whole lot of pressure off!
    Thanks so much for sharing, love!

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