Grandma Knows Best: Wisdom for Life by Joyce Thomas

Grandma Knows Best: Wisdom for Life by Joyce Thomas

“They” say experience is the best teacher, and honestly, there’s nothing like sitting at the feet of a wise Grandmother sharing the secrets she’s learned about life. “Grandma Knows Best” is a series of interviews with Grandmothers, allowing us all to virtually take turns sitting with a wise woman. Today’s interview is with one who is not only wise, but also a great inspiration to follow your dreams, as she obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling just 5 years ago! She has a kind heart, a sweet spirit, and I have admired her for years, here is Mrs. Joyce Thomas. Enjoy!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Joyce Thomas. I was born in Kentucky and became a Christian at age 15. Christ transformed my life so drastically that I dedicated my life to Him. After high school, I attended Lee University with the desire of becoming a missionary, but met Glen (my husband) on campus the first week of college, and we got married the end of that school year. He had accepted God’s call to the ministry, so not long after we were married, we entered the ministry and have primarily pastored for over 50 years.

We have a son and daughter – both of which are married and have given us six grandchildren. All of our family are serving the Lord and actively involved in ministry. And presently, my husband and I are on staff at our son’s pastorate Free Life Chapel in Lakeland, Florida. I serve as a counselor and my husband serves as a staff minister.

Joyce and Glen Thomas in the early years
Joyce and Glen Thomas in the early years

If you could meet with couples married 10 years or less, what advice would you give them for longevity in their relationship?

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can become relaxed and stop working on your relationship. Don’t take your spouse for granted. Keep the bedroom romantic. Don’t lose the chemistry that brought you two together.

What do you think our generation of wives and mothers needs to hear or understand to do and be better in life?

Wives and mothers are home-makers – the glue that holds the household together. It’s a position given to us by God. We give the home structure and we bond everyone together relationally. We can work outside the home and participate in other activities, but home-making must take precedence.

The Thomas Family
Joyce, Glen and their two children Scott Thomas and Tammy Stephens. Photo taken by Dan Austin Photography

What is something you wish we still did today that technology has taken over and we no longer do?

I wish we still spent time together! We participate in individual electronic worlds, have individual online relationships. We are becoming skill-deficit in building “skin” relationships and maintaining “skin” relationships.

Do you have any advice on finding love as a single woman?

My advice is to first love God, give Him your life, and serve Him with your whole heart because a relationship with Him totally satisfies the heart’s needs. When He is made #1 in our lives, He causes all the other pieces of our lives to fit together – including relationships. He’s the Master Planner.

Please leave us with a few general words of encouragement.

I became a Christian at age 15. That was the best decision of my life. God became the foundation on which everything in my life was built. He directed my steps, choices, decisions, and the pieces fell in place without me needing to maneuver them. I recommend that everyone make Him #1 in order to have a successful, vibrant, full life that falls into place without striving to make it happen. All things work together for good to them that love the Lord! (Romans 8:28)

Joyce Thomas
Joyce Thomas

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