Healed to Birth a Miracle by Mimi Mejias

Healed to Birth a Miracle by Mimi Mejias

After an unexpected diagnosis of Lyme Disease and related infertility, Mimi found a way to lean on her faith for a second chance at life and motherhood. Read Mimi’s incredible story of how these miracles affirmed her faith and mapped out a new life filled with purpose. Story written by Mimi Mejias.

Imagine you’re in your 20’s, you’ve only been married for three years, you have an excellent job and you get to travel the world with your husband. All is great, and you feel like you can take on the world. The best feeling ever! That was the blessed life I had for a while until, ever so slowly, things began to change within my body.

The change was so slow I really didn’t realize it until one day I received a call on my personal phone from a person who should’ve been calling my work number. That same month, in my job, I submitted an official document without my signature and made other small but important mistakes not only in my job but also in my house. That’s when I was asked to go see a doctor and get tested for Lyme Disease.

The Beginning of the Fight for My Life

I’d never heard of the disease and had no idea I was in for the fight of my life. I was tested, the results came back positive and I began a treatment which did not work. This happened three times in a 90 to 120-day period. I became weak but did not want to let on, so I continued doing everything I had always done, life as usual. Can you imagine?

After the third treatment, I received that dreaded call, “This is the doctor’s office. We need you to come in today and please bring your husband.” I can still hear the nurse’s voice. That evening the doctor told us how the disease had affected my liver, kidneys, and blood among other organs. He ended the consultation by saying “I’m sorry but you will not be able to have children.”

From mountain top to valley in an instant.

Shocked and quiet, that’s how we were. I don’t remember the drive home or much else that happened that day. However, we did decide to go to church that night for the youth service and talk to my parents after service. That is when the other unexpected happened.

Mimi Mejias
Mimi Mejias – Photo by Julio Hdez

The Setup for a Miracle

The pain in my body was real, so I got as far as the back pew of the church. A friend of my mom was visiting from Florida and they were seated in the front pew. After a while, my mom’s friend came up to where we were and asked to sit by us. She told us, “I’m here because God is telling me to come and pray for you. Can I pray for you?” she asked. “Yes”, we replied, and she began to pray.

“God is going to heal you today and you will feel his healing.” As she prayed, she named every single one of the organs the doctor had said was affected just hours before, she placed her hand over where the organ was, and I felt a deep heat each time over the specific area in my body. After praying she proceeded to tell me several things. One of those things was

“God healed you because he wants to send you a gift, you will have a son.”

Sure enough 6-7 months later I was expecting our son. The pregnancy came with its challenges, but we worked through them. I have a heart condition which became intense to the point of losing my sight for periods of time while pregnant. For this reason, I had to leave my job early in the pregnancy.

One morning, while sleeping, my belly got incredibly hot, so hot that it woke me up. I called my husband at his work and told him what was happening. He asked me to get out of the house a.s.a.p. Later that day the house was tested and sure enough carbon monoxide through the roof. However, in everything, I saw the hand of God protecting us. Even at the time of birth.

Preparing to Birth My Miracle

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that people give you all kinds of unsolicited advice. All that information (and guilt trips) can be overwhelming. In keeping true to myself I decided to do my own research on birth methods. With my heart condition, a home birth was immediately discarded. Not something I would’ve done anyway, so it was a hospital birth for me.

The other topics that are controversial among women are natural birth vs C-section and drug for pain vs no drug for the pain. In my case, I talked to my doctor about the possibility of both natural or C-section birth. I leaned towards natural but was aware that with my heart condition it could’ve gone either way. When it came to drugs for pain or no drugs for pain, I chose epidural. I wanted the least amount of pain as possible.

You would not believe the amount of people who were ready to let me know how God wanted the woman to have excruciating pain during birth, “It’s written in the scripture, that is His will” they said. My reply was, “Seriously? I know what He said. But then He gave man wisdom to come up with drugs to reduce the pain”. I did not make a big deal of it. I had done my research and the people who matter (my husband and I) were in agreement.

The day is finally here, I’m in the hospital “ready” for what’s to come. Or so I thought. I arrived at the hospital at 2pm. At around 6pm they put on Pitocin cream to induce labor, which did not work. I was stuck at 3 cm and my unborn decided to turn his head to look up (towards the ceiling) instead of down (towards the floor, the correct birthing position). At midnight, my water finally broke and I was asked to sleep for an hour (which I did). An hour later the pushing started. The first three hours were to change his position and after we were done with that I was ready for my epidural at 7cm. The next hours were arduous work but with the best results ever. With the help of a birthing vacuum and a lot of pushing Kevin A. was born at 6:18 a.m.  weighing 7lbs.

“God’s word spoken over us had come true.”

Baby Kevin. Photo by Mimi Mejias
Baby Kevin. Photo by Mimi Mejias

More Miracles and Answered Prayers

After having our son, we had to decide whether I was going to return to work or stay home. My heart was set on staying home.I knew, with my heart condition, this could very well be my only child and I wanted to enjoy every second of his life. We did the math, but it didn’t add up, so I prayed to God to open a door. The week I was supposed to return to work a new position was offered to my husband at his office. It required no traveling and more money, exactly the amount of money I earned in my job. If that isn’t an answer to prayer I don’t know what is. I was able to stay home and enjoy Kevin as he grew.

Fast-forward a few years and another very important decision had to be made. Although I am an elementary school teacher by trade, I had been doing research on homeschooling and thought that it would be a valuable experience for our family. I understand it’s not for everyone; however, I felt confident it would work for us. Again, we did the math and again God showed up.

My husband got a raise for the amount we had calculated we would need to cover the homeschool expenses. That would cover books, co-ops, subscriptions, gas money, conventions, you get the idea. I was blessed with the opportunity to homeschool our son from pre-k thru 12th grade. We used different methods throughout the years and I saw God’s guidance with them all. He graduated from Alpha Omega On-line Academy with a 3.98 GPA and he is now in college.

Kevin Today. Photo by Mimi Mejias
Kevin Today. Photo by Julio Hdez

Like with any other child, we had our ups and downs. He got sick like all kids do, he got injured doing sports. That does not take away from the fact that he is a miracle of God on earth. When science said no, God said yes. When my body was attacked by a tick God said I am the solution, the healer, I have other plans.

“It has been one of my greatest joys in life to see him grow and become a man who loves God above all things.”

Life Lessons to Live By

Nowadays, like I mentioned before, Kevin is in College studying computers and cyber-security. And I, thanks to my experience in teaching and homeschooling, am equipping other parents with tools and information, so they feel confident when teaching their children. God definitely has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives, but we must remember that it is not all about us. Our experiences, and knowledge acquired by them, must be used to help and enrich others.

I learned many things through this experience, first and foremost God is above all. Also, sometimes he allows us to have valley experiences to show us just how great he is. He is a healer and he interacts with us on a personal level. I also realized that when it comes to making family decisions there are only three people who should be involved, God, your spouse and you. No matter what people say or think God has the perfect plan for you. If you ask him, wait for an answer and listen to what he says, he will show you the way to go.

Mimi Mejias
Mimi Mejias

Lyme Disease is commonly misdiagnosed and undetected. You can learn more about Lyme Disease, including a symptom check-list at LymeDisease.org

Healed to Birth a Miracle by Mimi Mejias
Healed to Birth a Miracle by Mimi Mejias – Photo taken by Julio Hdez

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