A Love Story: Shacondra Lumaine

A Love Story: Shacondra Lumaine

Retelling our love story gets more interesting with time. The best part is that we have two totally different stories! Here’s mine:

We originally met in 9th grade. Frantz was meeting a mutual friend of mine. I just happened to be there. The funny thing is, we didn’t actually have a conversation until 11th grade. We had a class together in 10th grade and then finally another class in 11th grade. What started a conversation was the fact that now in 11th grade, we were on the Junior Class Council and I needed help with homework with the math class we shared. He was a complete gentleman. Very polite, but awfully goofy, which is why we didn’t start “dating” until our 12th grade year.

Shacondra and Frantz
Shacondra and Frantz Dating

Frantz and I were able to build a beautiful friendship over the course of that time. Someone to talk to, joke with, and share the trials and victories of life as a graduating senior. But the biggest highlight of this entire love story is that this is the same guy who at a young age, was able to lead me to Christ. Yep, this young man, with the character and integrity of a wise old man, led his future bride to Christ. But that was before we went off to college and broke off the relationship. He broke up with me because I wasn’t saved (he took that unequally yoked thing seriously girl, lol), but I dedicated my life to Jesus that summer while in summer school and we were back together by Fall semester! Crazy how things all come together right?

The Long Distance Juggle

We maintained a long distance relationship all throughout college. He was in Miami, I in Gainesville. We only saw each other on holidays (and that’s if I even made it home). Those days were hard. Imagine loving someone with that much distance in between. Especially in your twenties. Trying to keep up with each other’s collegiate lives, what was growing in our spiritual lives and personal development was HARD work. But we made it through, seemingly to have escaped the myth that long distance relationships never, ever work out (I was told this by peers). But my honey and I made it through, not to say that we didn’t have our share of testing.

Fast Forward to post-college. Frantz went on to get a job in Jacksonville, while I stayed in Gainesville. You would think that now with us closer in distance, this would give us an opportunity to make up for lost time with each other. Not exactly. I was heavily involved in church activities and he was working in his new field. We broke up for 6 months then got back together. I like to think of that time as our way of experiencing what we needed most in that time of our lives. A time where we were able to focus on our personal needs and development.  We often look back at that period and think of more times we could have had together, but we are thankful for what it was. It was definitely a time of growing and stretching for us.

Shacondra and Frantz
Shacondra and Frantz Engagement Photo Shoot. Photo by Rhodes Studio

The Wait is Over

That now brings me to the last part of this story. In our 6th year of dating (yes, we are that couple that counts our daterversary), we were engaged to be married. A year that started off with us apart, ended with one of the most anticipated times of my life.

Black Couple Wedding Reception
Shacondra and Frantz on their wedding day. Photo by Rhodes Studios

Being married has been the most amazing experience. Yes, we argue, yes there are times when he is NOT my favorite person, but there is absolutely no one that I would want to share my life with. To date, we have been together for 14 years and married for 7 years this coming May. I love the quote that says “Of all the love stories, I love ours the most.” I love it because it’s ours. It’s like no other, just like each of us.

Beautiful Black Family
The Lumaine’s! Photo by Joyanne Panton Photography

To anyone single, dating or engaged there are times where the wait seems like it’ll never end. But it does. And when it does, you don’t have to have it all figured out, but you do have to know for sure, that this person, with their flaws, baggage, strengths, weaknesses their total package will be waiting and needing you to be able to forgive, to love unconditionally, to pursue endlessly. So make the most of your journey. Take the time to grow and develop individually, to experience moments that can only be created between you two. And watch the sweetest love story unfold before your eyes.

Shacondra Lumaine
Shacondra Lumaine


If you’d like to connect with Shacondra, you can at Slumaine@gmail.com

A Love Story Shacondra Lumaine
A Love Story Shacondra Lumaine. Photo by Rhodes Studios.

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