Family Day Date to Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando

Family Day Date to Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando

Have you ever heard of or thought about going on a family date? I didn’t until recently, and when it came to mind I thought, why don’t we do this more often!? A family date is basically a group date with another family (or multiple families). In essence, it’s like a built-in play date that both the children and parents can enjoy. Especially if you have more than one child and “entertaining” them is easier with other kids around.

My favorite part of it is that we Parents get to spend time with other adults who “get it” and the conversations aren’t always centered around the kids, and even if they are it’s no big deal. You’re swapping stories and building comradery. Another bonus to family dates is that it could be more cost-effective. Imagine pooling enough kids and adults to get a discounted group rate! Think Theme Parks, local attractions, children’s museums, concerts, plays, the circus, or traveling live shows!

Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando
Family Day Date Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando. Photo of Dinosaurs provided by Extreme Dinosaurs.

Recently I received tickets to visit Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando, and thought it was the perfect place for a Family Date.  The attraction features over 16 life-size dinosaur replicas from different pre-historic eras that move and roar like they would in real life. There are also interactive stations that encourage you and your children to touch true to size fossils, educational posts to learn more about each dinosaur, a weight station where you can pile as many people as you want to see how close you can get to the size of a dinosaur, two magnetic walls for kids to rearrange dinosaur skeleton puzzles, and two large “sand” pits where they can dig for dinosaur fossil imprints.

Elie playing with Dinosaur fossils
Samson and Elie on the Dinosaur Scale

We visited earlier this weekend, with our friends and their children (two toddlers and a teen). We all agree that the age group that would enjoy it the most is the Pre-K4 to Elementary age. Due to the dinosaurs’ size, periodic animated movements and the noises make, it’s a good idea to prep younger kids and reassure them in each section that they are okay.  It’s also fun when the kids have another child their age to do the interactive stations with. Kids who are dinosaur fans would really enjoy this exhibit. Although space is a little smaller than expected, it’s a good size to let your children explore on their own. They can have some independence without you getting nervous about them getting lost.

Even though Samson was nervous in the beginning, by the end of the visit he built some boldness (in Daddy’s arms lol) and sternly told the Dinosaurs to go to sleep! All this week in his own little way, he has been talking about the Dinosaurs and mimicking them. Even as I’m typing this up, he’s looking at the pictures and saying Dinosaur and holding up his plush Dino from the gift shop, saying roarrrrrrr! I don’t think it’s anything he would soon forget… in a good way!

Samson and the Magnetic Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle Wall

You can check out more details and frequently asked questions on their website Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando. Children 3 and under are free, and for groups (family dates) of 10 or more group rates are available. You can find more ticket information here.

One of three poses you get to take in front of a green screen at the entrance of Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando

Has your family gone on a family date before? Leave some suggestions in the comment section below!

Tickets to Extreme Dinosaurs Orlando were provided to me complimentary by Premier Exhibitions. However, as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are completely honest and my own. 

Desirae Ofori, founder

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